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[Champion Suggestion] Stealth-Support Champion

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This is my idea for a stealth-support champ. I feel like 2 "true" stealthers isn't enough for LoL :-D

The first part of the Lore is done by Riot, I suppose I should cite that before people say I am claiming it as my own. (Up to "however, it is called the void" is Riots)

I do not know the units on AoE ranges, so for those I am going to just give spells that have a comparable AoE size.
Mana Costs are a very very rough estimate, as well as all values. These would only be able to be determined by balancing.


Rahk'Veroth, The Rogue Gatekeeper

There is a place between dimensions, between worlds. To some it is known as the Outside, to others it is the Unknown. To most, however, it is called the Void. The things a person must do to be condemned to the void are unspeakable; the things one must do to get out are worse. Those who decide who will come or who will leave are the Gatekeepers. The Gatekeepers are a group of beings sworn to maintain the boundaries of the void, working together to ensure that only those who are suppose to come or go do so. Rhak'Veroth was such a being. For several thousand years Rhak'Veroth was the very best at what he did, any opposition that came to him when bringing people to or taking creatures from the void was subdued quickly and efficiency. Everything was normal until one day the creature known as Cho'Gath escaped the void and a fellow gatekeeper made it appear as it was Rahk'Veroths fault. Exiled by his brethren, Rhak went into hiding moving in and out of the void to avoid captivity or death. Eventually he heard whispers of the League of Legends and that Cho'Gath was fighting as a champion there. He immediately enlisted his skills in hopes to take Cho'Gath down and return him to the void, hoping he would then be accepted back as a Gatekeeper.

STATS (out of 10)

Damage 5/10
Spells 6/10
Health 6/10
Difficulty ?/10

Stats (base +per level)

HP: 440 +64
MP: 235 + 73
Damage: 48 +3
Range: 550 +0
Move speed: 305 +0
Armor: 7 +2.5
MR: 30 +1
AP: 0 +0

FINAL stats:

HP: 1592
MP: 1549
Damage: 102
Range: 550
Move Speed: 305
Armor: 52
MR: 48
AP: 0

Passive: Planar Vision

Rah'Veroth has magical sight and can see stealthed units.

Q = Void Lurking
Mana: 55/60/65/70/75
Cooldown (after coming out of stealth): 10 seconds

Rahk'Veroth sends part of himself into the Void becoming invisible to other champions around him. When attacking from Void Lurk, Rahk'Veroth gains 30/60/90/120/150 +1 AP bonus magic damage. While plane shifted, Rahk'Veroth's Auras gain 25% more power Casting spells or attacking will remove him from stealth.

Lasts 20/25/30/35/40 seconds

Deactivated by attacking, casting a spell, or recasting as per normal stealth

W = Void Mending
Mana (for active): 40/50/60/70/80
Cooldown: 20 Seconds, passive still works during this time.

Passive: Friendly units near Rahk'Veroth gain 8/11/14/17/20 +.05 AP Health per 5

Active: Rahk'Veroth Unleashes his aura, healing nearby units for 75/110/145/180/215 +.5 AP.

AoE range on both passive and active components of spell would be the same as Heimerdinger's Passive.

E = Strength of the Void
Mana (for active): 60/72/84/96/108
Cooldown: 15 seconds, passive does NOT work during this time

Passive: Increases nearby friendly champions armor and magic resist by 5/10/15/20/25

Active: Unleashes his aura damaging nearby enemy units for 50/80/110/140/170 +.5 AP magic damage and reducing their armor and magic resist by 5/10/15/20/25

The range on the passive would be the same as his other aura. On the Active component of the spell the range would be about the same as Morgana's Tormented Soil.

Ultimate: Void Gate
Mana: 300/350/400
Cooldown: 100/90/80 seconds

Sends target unit into the Void where creatures of the void deal massive amounts of damage to the target over a brief time. If an allied unit is targeted, Rahk'Veroth sends them to a place great regeneration inside the Void where they will be healed greatly over the time they are there for.

Damages or Heals for 250/325/400 +.6 AP over 4 seconds.

Range: 350

Channeled: Stuns will interrupt this.
(Target unit disappears ENTIRELY for the duration of the spell, works similar to Warwicks ult, except that this is at a range.)

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Bump because of Competition!
In terms of the Comp, be as judgmental of the lore as you are supposed to be

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Drake O Dagger

Senior Member


Wow. I love this idea. The lore is epic, and brings more to the story of the Void already started by Riot, so that's a big + in my book. The abilities are great for a supportive roll, without completely sacrificing playability by not being able to deal some damage of his own. HOWEVER, I'm curious if you realize what armor does. Just in case you don't (since I certainly didn't until I came across someone mentioning it in the forums), armor and MR actually increase your effective health by a percent equal to the amount of armor/mr gained. So, 50 armor is +50% health against physical attacks. I'm not sure if you meant for it to be that powerful, but I felt it was better to be sure you knew how strong you were making it. I feel that MIGHT be a bit much, but I'm not sure. It probably isn't, but I've been very weary of using armor and MR now that I know what they do, since I'm not sure yet what is typical. Just felt you should know what it does, just to be sure. And I've probably rambled here since its so late at night and I really should be sleeping.

This champion seems very much like an AP build, but his AP is generally giving pretty low amounts. I honestly think Strength of the Void's damage effect would be better if it was a bit more AP than .2, but that's just me. Having ranges, cooldowns, and costs would probably help me determine how balanced the character is as far as the numbers, but based on just the effects, I'd say this champion is pretty good. Nice job. Good luck in the contest.

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Yeah, numbers would have to be tweaked of course. I made this pretty hastily too, without really considering all the values. Thanks for pointing that out (changing ).
And yeah he would be very much an AP build, but again I didn't want people to go "LOLS SO OP" so I made him kind of weak. As for His ult, the ratio might even be too high, because when the person is gone... they are GONE, so not really healable...
For his strength aura shatter, I was worried that because it is an AoE that it should be lower. Size would help I suppose, I was thinking about the same as the Karthus AoE (name excapes me)...

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I think it is good, except the passive to reveal any nearby invisible units, and being able to be invisible himself, is a little OP because it makes any enemy champion with invisibility useless. Normally when a hero purchases oracle elixir he becomes a prime target for the opposing team because of it, so he needs a new passive as to not undermine existing champions.