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Some Advice for Winter - And some pictures.

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Hey guys, this is your neighborhood average LoL player here. I've been playing since November or December of 2009, so I figured it was about time for me to do a thread besides ideas for champion suggestions and the like.

Now, with the winter months coming up(Southern hemisphere not included and some places, like mine, already in the "Winter" as well for the getting ready parts) it's always important to be prepared. We wouldn't want anyone in the community unable to play because of complications to to unpreparedness, now would we?

First of all, some preparations in the house.

1. You should stock up on food. especially if you live somewhere that snow.ice would make it difficult to go to the store - like me. I suggest items such as dried beans, canned, etc. etc. Frozen and dry foods work as well - things that can be bought in bulk work especially well if you're on a low budget.

2. Consider non-electrical sources of heat or heat preservation.
- We all know how much it sucks to lose power, especially during the winter months when there's not much else to do. But more important is that you stay warm; getting frostbite in the fingers doesn't promote good playing.
- I suggest blankets and/or curtains that cover your entire windows. You should nail them above the window so that they keep heat in. With an electrical heater going, since I did this my room's temperature has increased by at least 20 degrees Fahrenheit over the past two or three days. This is especially important if you live near water and/or live in a room with a lot of windows. Nearly half my room's walls are windows; and one of them gets full exposure to the wind off the Puget Sound here in Seattle.
- Cleaning fireplaces if you have them. Though they may be expensive, they're better then nothing.
- Have more then one coat/jacket/wear more then one layer. Also, have something to dry your clothes and winter-wear on or in. Simply hanging them up in a warm room can usually dry them enough to be worn again.
3. Make sure any pets are somewhere warm, or have the capability to go somewhere warm. You can't play very well when you're controlled by grief, can you?
4. It is a GOOD idea to have tea or other medicinal foods available. Being sick sucks, and doesn't help your playing at all.
5. This goes with number four, have medicines available(tylenol and the likes, cold and pain and basic sickness medicines).

There are also some preparations you should do outside, and things to be aware of.

1. Obtain ways to clear snow/ice outside. This is especially important on slopes.
2. Consider alternative ways of transportation to cars. Included in the attached pictures are some pictures of what happens when dumbasses don't use chains and slide - only about a block from my apartment.
3. Linked to number 2, obtain tire chains if you must drive. They help immensely - and a dead or severely injured individual can't play League of Legends, now can they?
4. Make sure any outside pets have a way in or somewhere outside they can be relatively warm in/on/around/etc. etc.
5. Something to be aware of - SNOW and ICE. In many areas, using side streets is a much better thing to do then main streets - there's more snow in these areas that's not packed into ice. Snow gives you more traction and hurts less when you fall in then ice - though using something like rock salt in advance can solve this problem because the ice won't really form(I don't really know the reason why; I'm no scientist and haven't studied this yet in Science.)

But the winter months aren't ALL serious, are they?

No, they're not. You can do many things during the winter months. Here are some suggestions:

1. Sledding. You can use anything durable(Plastic lids that are big enough, garbage bin lids, kayaks, actual sleds, etc. etc.) as a sled. Believe it or not, I've seen people use a couch(once) as a sled - the cops let them leave it at the bottom of the hill to avoid injury while pulling it back up.
2. Getting friends together. This should be fun any time of the year, but during the winter months especially. You can go sledding, skiing, snowboarding, snowball fighting, board gaming, etc. etc. with them.
3. Anything mentioned in 2.
4. You could cuddle with pets or that(Maybe those) special someone(s).
5. Movies - especially with a service like Netflix or "Hulu"(Never used Hulu, not sure if that's the name.).
6. You could always play League of Legends! This can be done with real life friends, believe it or not. Be ready to teach them though, especially if they're some of those pesky console-only gamers

Why not do some fan-art while you're at it?

Why not? In the attached pictures are pictures of some simple fan-art I did. Some is from Warhammer/Warhammer 40K, an 8-Pointed Star of Chaos(Yes I know it's not symmetrical) and a simple "L O L" piece.

Suggested equipment for snow-based fan art...

Gloves. Very important unless you have another way to keep hands warm.
Something to gather snow - I used a snow shovel.
For color, food coloring or spray paint seem to work the best. In my Star of Chaos I used red spray paint.
Snow-gear - clothing that is thick and warm. If you're making anything elaborate, you'll definitely need it.

A camera or other device(I used a combination of camera and iPhone) - how else will you share your wonderful art?

That concludes this message from Radoz, your neighborhood average League of Legends player.

EDIT: Sorry, couldn't directly upload the photos of the cars, had to post them on photobucket and put this link in:(Might have to C/Paste it)