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Can anyone explain the Matching System to me?

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The Bacon Dragon

Senior Member


I'm really confused with the matching system as its seemed to just mess with my day. The

last game I just came from I was the highest level at 19. My team was all below level 10 with

the lowest being 2.The other team levels with no created teams beforehand were 30, 23, 16,

15, and 13. Please explain to me why I was given this match up. I'm just wondering why say

games can't be organized like the runes systems with Tiers.

People level 10 and below fight in tier 1 ranked games

People level 11-20 fight in tier 2 and people level 21-30 fight in tier 3.

Could this be that hard of a change? I'm just wondering why the matching system couldn't

have instead put the 23 on my team to at least make up for the level 2.