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A gud xin zhao build?

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nar f baby 11

Junior Member


i need a gud xin zhao buil
mine is last whisperer
berseaker greaves
blood thirster
infinity edge
frozen mallet

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Senior Member


Ditch berzerker greaves and grab Merc Treads instead. He gets a lot of IAS from his W which makes greaves even less effective.
My usual build goes
D Shield
Merc Treads
Last Whisper/Starks/Bloodrazor (They all have recurve bow in the recipe, just build whatever you need here)
Banshee's Veil

I don't build in that exact order every game but I'll usually have most of these items come end game. Buy ingredients before upgrading (Ex. Brutalizer before upgrading to merc treads) Remember to pot up and grab red (if your ranged carry sucks/doesn't want it) whenever you can.