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[Guide]Swain, the Demon Necromancer

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Your build is almost exactly the same as mine.

The only thing I do different is throw in a Morello's. CR is very nice to have, and the mana regen. Being able to have your ult up as often as possible, especially in 1v2 or 3 fights, or even 1v5.

Also, call it noob if you want to, but having both heal and clarity makes Swain super OP. Your ult lasts longer and with the extra heal on top of it, I've taken 1v3s and completely dominated, because I had clarity and heal. They make you virtually unstoppable. Best summoner spells for Swain IMO.

Swain's E should be top priority next to his W. Q does minimal dmg and should mainly be used as a snare, or after you E your opponent for the extra dmg. maxing out E and W should take priority over his Q. Your first spell should be his E.

And as for solo laning, I do quite well mid lane, or even soloing 1v2 at top of bot.

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Is Swain still viable in the current Metagame? I am thinking of buying him after I get Gragas.

Honestly, I wouldn't have known he existed until Jouste did a DH5 featuring him here.

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HotEye of Heaven

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this is just my build for swain : dorans....then Rod of ages, rylais, aegis, ga , then its up to you if u want more armor or health mor bigger ar... for boots take mercury treads...

swain is just like alistar.... hes just a champ who distracts everyone....so my primary spells are clarity and heal.. i wouldnt explain why...

another thing swain is not like other mages like cass,le blanc, so dont think he must be played like that

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Swain is a beast solo...

Just sayin

Also, your lvling order could be more flexible. While nevermore is great to lvl second, the combo of decripfy and torment can harass a squishy to almost half life with one combo. Might be worth it if you're soloing against a squishy champ

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Swain is one of my favorite casters and i play him quite frequently.

My skill order is almost identical to yours aside from the first 2 levels. I get Nevermove first since i find the hard CC is better than a slow in the case of a level 1 fight. I'll then proceed to get Decrepify at second level. I guess it's just preference really.

As for build, i have this really big fixation with DFG. It's a wonderful item on Swain and provides him with a huge increase of damage just on its own (since it works with Torment). My finished build looks as follows.

Deathfire Grasp
Sorc's boots (or merc's)
Rylai's Scepter
Banshee's Veil

The last two items are not set in stone but i typically enjoy getting Frozen Heart and Guardian Angel. There are plenty of other choices though. If the game is going extremely well and i don't need to worry about survivability i'll get more AP instead of tanky items, but this doesn't happen often.