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Announcer Changes

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I was reading the lore journals and the parts of this website under the learning center, on what you have built from DoTA, and the developers said they wanted a more fast-paced high octane version of DoTA.

I was thinking since this game's lore is a battle that the entire world watches and cheers for, much like our FIFA World Cup, that the announcer should be involved in the game and very enthusiastic.

with lines such as "Oh, the crowd goes wild as Katarina delivered the final blow to Zilean!"
and you can hear a slight uproar in the background of cheers and jeers.

And maybe also a 10minute fill-in, like a side journalist instead of a play-by-play commentator (which is what the announcer should be) and this person's role would be to take a minute and talk about which champions are doing the best and which are the worst at the moment, and explain the strategies the losing and winning sides should do, based on the composition of each side. (this journalist should be a randomly picked journalist from the JoJ)

To me, the lore you have created seems like a whimsical world of strife and political gains much like our own, and the one thing that keeps it all sane is the Field of Justice. Which goes to show this is a sporting event in another world, so it would be nice to hear all of Noxus cheer when you kill Garen, this would make the game a lot more intuitive and it would make the average player more interested in learning the lore and becoming a more active member.

Also with this being done you could then set up a city-state rivalry within the community. Where we could do faction vs faction battles with 5 champions from Noxus take on 5 Champions from Zaun and have a tally of each factions wins and loses so at the end of the season we could see who is supreme and would gain more control over the world.

I hope these ideas can go into consideration and if so I have many more, I love the way this transitioned from DoTA, I wasnt too big of a fan of it, but this, this is a very fun game.

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the announcer is there to help gameplay not drown out ingame sounds with constant dribble like football announcers.

my 2 cents.

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pls no nerferino

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should not be like soccer, should be more like the original DoTA announcer. Not necessarily the quake announcer, but something to the effect. i mean C'MON it sounds like my grandmother is announcing in this game, especially when you get a triple kill.
and get rid of the enemy/ally has been slain line, incredible annoying.