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Options in this scenario?

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So I just want opinions on what I could've done, given this particular scenario I had last night. Here are key points:

-I am Kassadin
-Our Sona disconnected for the first ~8 minutes of the game
-Our Miss Fortune insta-takes mid, and Garen and Yi each take a different side lane.

I end up with Yi in top lane, and we're against Anivia and Garen -_-
Kassadin's early farming game is absolutely horrendous, but even more so considering I was facing this combination. Miss Fortune was whining about an early death of mine, but also refusing to trade spots with me.

Long story short, I ended up feeding really bad (ugh) and given the fact that everyone was too stubborn to try and switch lanes and instead whined all game, this is how it continued to go. Now, since I was stuck in this situation, how would you all handle trying to deal with a Garen/Anivia combo?

This matchup was made much worse by my early death. They each had 1-2 levels on me and I found it impossible to last hit creeps, let alone get any exp. One would always sit in the brush closest to our top tower, and were smart enough to only last hit. This allowed them to easily block me out of exp range. If I tried to get in close for a last hit with my Q, I would get instantly ganked no matter who was in the bush. Either Anivia would stun me with her Q, allowing garen to spin me down or flash + spin if he was still a bit too far away, or garen would Decisive Strike me from the bush from behind, anivia would get in a hit or two and then garen could just ult me down.

General tips for how to deal with that kind of combo would be appreciated, but in particular as a Kassadin whose early farming is horrible. This is the first game in a while that I've fed in and it was just disgusting :/