Help with Team Comp

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Ok so tonight me and some friend go to a lan tournament of LOL.

We have trouble findding a team comp that is viable and synergize well with the hero we always play.

Player one: Sona, Annie, Fiddlestick Rammus (preffer supoort/Ap carry)

Player two: Morgana, Kogmaw, Taric, Sion, Rammus, Ashe Trist, MF, Sona, Annie, Nunu (preffer dps carry or Support)

Player three: MF, Trist, Ashe, Shen (pretty much only plays dps carry)

Player four: Kennen, Amumu, Corki, Cho ( we would like him toplay either mumu if not banned or kennen)

Player five: Olaf, WW, Tryndamere, Galio, Irelia (our jungler unless something goes wrong or we want galio)

what you think?