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This is frustrating...

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Xenotime Gaze

Senior Member


As a gamer who likes to play for fun, Its annoying that the characters i truly enjoy playing and learning how to play are considered underpowered for the most part.

Some examples of characters I love playing:

Nidalee (i generally cant play her with friends because she's hard to place on the team and is horrible in this metagame)
Ezreal (same as Nidalee, except i currently dont own him (saving up though))
Lux (im trying to learn how to use her effectively and having a blast, however, im not sure whether to place her as a damager or a support or both. im still trying though)
Heimerdinger (i used to be awesome at him and i tried him post nerf. im not sure if something needs to be adjusted but he also seems somewhat undewhelming in terms of team usefulness)
Malzahar (I absolutely love playing him, and im glad that he's more powerful, but half the time i feel like im contributing nothing to the team. i went mid one time and literally got far more assists than kills, despite the fact that i was trying my hardest, being precautious, etc.)
Twisted Fate (While i know twisted fate can be an awesome champ and have played both as and against good ones, im not sure if im missing something or if its because he needs buffing but i seem to be losing my touch with him)

Basically, my favorite champs and the champs i seem to click with all seem notoriously underwhelming. Now granted, i'm flexible enough to be able to play many other champs well. I just seem to be (rather unfortunately), attracted to champs that for the most part i cant seem to win with.

As Nidalee i get shut down easily/targeted first.
As Ezreal i do well but not consistently. plus i get targeted easily.
As Lux i dont get targeted easily, but i also dont seem to contribute very much.
As Heimerdinger, i can help with supportive damage and cc but im still unsure how to manage 2 turrents now.
As Malzahar i can either do incredibly poorly or incredibly well. Im not consistent enough for me to be confident playing him in normal matches >_<.
As TF i can do very well and have carried, but i keep failing. :/
(if anyone has tips on these champs i could use some help)

All in all i think this game would be a lot more enjoyable if there were a way to make these champs more useful at least. Or at least have something change the metagame so these champs and other underpowered ones could be a bit more viable >_<.

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Senior Member


Yea, it does seem like the easier to play champions are more powerful then their harder counterparts.
The thing that makes them powerful is that it is easy to perform.

There isnt many options either, make easier to play champions more powerful? That is no way to balance. Nerf easy to play champions? This is what Riot is doing currently. Although then they become weak and people QQ. There is no winning