Jungling w/ Fiddlesticks

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Originally Posted by Kilois View Post
With smite, you don't need anything specific to jungle fiddlesticks, however you will probably need some starting hp from a dorans ring or a ruby crystal(convert it into a rod of ages if you go this route as fiddle has terrible terrible mana consumption).

Once you have golem it's easy mode jungling, I'd recommend maxing out drain now as it is significantly stronger than fiddles e if you have means to hold them in place for a few seconds and it makes him jungle faster.

Fiddle can jungle fairly quickly without smite but I haven't looked into it too deeply, I would imagine you need enough magic pen and mana regen to be able to handle golem at level 1 without the bonus of smite.

Fiddle doesn't need blue buff at all, there is no reason to blue buff level 1. Even without smite. You'll hit 2 faster hitting double golem and wolves