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Tank Chogath item questions (including- why warmogg's?)

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In a real game, you do not have to buy the components. You can, in fact, buy Warmog's directly. Perhaps you mean to argue that I should consider Warmog's in its totality (total cost and total stat bonuses) instead of relativistically to its component tree?

I don't really understand your point, since if you do buy the components, the additional cost of 1100 to upgrade to Warmog's should be viewed in terms of what you are getting above and beyond what you have already.

you cvan but price is same as if you baught the components, so will be 3300(3100?) or so even if you buy it direct, further mroe people dont go for the items used in warmog UNLESS they aiming at warmong... so the proper price to figure is 3k because thats total you need, not 1100.

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5x warmogs+1x force of nature is scary. 660hp/5 regen. And just under 9k health at full size. Oh, and a nice load of armor, etc. Effective health came out 15k or so.

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1. A while back, someone figured out against a "balanced" amount of physical/magical damage, you want about 150 armour and 150 mr with 3000 life. if it's all one type you want 300 armour with 3000 life. So my question is, why warmogg's on Chogath? He already has about 3000 life, so shouldn't he be buying items with armour/magic resist? Throw in that I usually get Banshee's Veil, and he seems set on life? Maybe I'm not supposed to get banshee's veil...

1. Should I be getting frozen mallet? This seems kind of silly, given that I just stated I don't feel a need for life, but the slow seems like it'd be a major asset to the team? I can't hit *everyone* with rupture.

Edit: I suspect the answer to Warmogg's is going to be "it's ridiculously gold efficient!" If anyone has a link to someone calculating that, that'd be awesome, but i can also try it myself at some point :P

Edit2: is the answer to the second question "it's the melee's job to have frozen mallet/tri force/phage/whatever"?

Edit3: The post I was referring to that lines out math for what stats are good is: http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=29398

Because the Cho'gath's job is to scare their team enough that they dont want to fight you unless its 5v1.

If you have 5k hp from a warmogs(after raping all early game), they will be VERY scared.

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Enin the Reaper



I've been playing Cho for a long time, and every time I've played him as a tank I get Warmogs. Partially because of the regen, partially for the synergy with a Force of Nature (which I also always get), and partially because with it I rarely die. The items I get in order are

Regrowth Pendant
Pendant -> Warmogs
Boots -> Swiftness (or mercs if I need them)
Force of Nature or Randuin's Omen depending on which champions I'm more afraid of dying to.
Force of Nature or Randuin's Omen depending on which champions I'm less afraid of dying to.

Usually the game is over by this point.

Here's my thoughts on Warmogs.

It gives you a ton of survivability.
The only way to counter it (especially on Cho) is through massive burst damage (usually magic damage,) Deathfire's Grasp (magic damage,) or Madred's Bloodrazor (magic damage,) so if you pair it with some magic resist there's almost no way to break through it.

The only downside to it that I see it it's pretty expensive, which might matter on another champion, but on Cho'Gath you don't need other items. I usually take middle lane as an anti-carry position, because unless I'm against Nidalee or Kennen I have more resources health + mana-wise to keep them on the ropes. When they go back I just farm up some creeps, get full health and usually close to full mana, and then push for the tower. I usually don't go back to town until around level 11, which is when I usually have my warmogs and boots, and then I start ganking if I have the tower in mid.

Back on track though, the checklist of what you need for a tank is as follows:

1) Do you have enough health / MR that if every spell on the other team hits you, you can live?
2) Do you have enough regen that you can sustain a push?
3) Do you have something that forces the other team to target you or suffer?
4) Do you have enough move speed to catch an escaping enemy with a slow or a stun?

The way I play Cho'Gath the answer to all of these is yes.

I Have the health and MR from my Warmogs and FoN as well as the regen from them.

If the other team doesn't target me they are always slowed from spikes, and silenced, and since I burn my feast as an opener, there's a chance that it will be back before the end of a team fight.

I try to get swiftness for the movespeed, and I pick up a FoN for that reason too.

I seem to have gotten a little off topic again, so I guess I'll leave it there.

I hope I helped.

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Warmog is a good idea on tanks that can farm fairly well, such as Singed (though RoA is better on Singed) and Cho'Gath. The build I use depends on what my goals in a match are.

Physical Tank
Warmog's Armor
Ninja Tabi
Frozen Heart
Guardian's Angel / Sunfire Cape

Magical Tank
Warmog's Armor
Mercury's Treads
Banshee's Veil
Force of Nature

Support Tank
Warmog's Armor
Boots of Mobility
Soul Shroud
Aegis of the Legion / Abyssal Scepter

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That is indeed the post i was referring to, I'll edit that into the original post

So seems like the strongest arguments in favour of Warmoggs are:
1. It can't be pierced by all these armour pen/magic pen items running around.
2. Psychology factor- meh in my eyes, don't most opponents get scared by your size/how slowly your health drops? Doesn't matter what gives you the EH, you just need to have high EH.
3. If you die, it helps to have a bit of extra health from warmoggs.

My counter argument to the armour/magic pen argument:
1. If you're a chogath with a warmoggs, the other team is of course going to get a bloodrazor, for an extra 150 damage on you or so? You want to mitigate as much damage of that as possible. Further, if you are forcing the enemy team to get a bunch of last whispers to deal with you, that means they're not buying items that are optimized for killing the squishies on your team?

So the other team starts wasting money on getting a Razer/s which cost about the same as a warmogs to kill the opposing TANK when they should be ignoring him if they can as Razer is a pile of **** against most carries.

Right there Warmogs wins the case. If they start buying items specifically for you as chogath, your job is half done. Then once warmogs is bought and charged, your options are far more open, "hmm, they seem to be ignoring me, I think I'll get a LOLAtmas and maybe a zeal and see how long a carry lasts against me" or wow they seem to have some dps, time to get serious - banshees/thornmail/guardian etc.

Chogath is the only character I use Warmogs on, most other tanks I go much more for armour/mr but then a lot of tanks are initiate, cc and die or run, whereas with cho you hang around rupture, scream, be big and annoying and then eat whoever doesnt get the fark out just for the salt and wound metaphor. He is very much about the mindgames, say what you want but not many people except jax engage Chogath without serious support, which gives you amazing tower pushing capabilities and jungle harassment just because of his intimidation factor.

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So in sum Warmogs/boots should be first item then what?
i normaly go Ageis but not sure if i should be adding FoN or Ramduims?

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Vrtra Theory



So far I have been playing Cho with Warmog's > Boots of Swiftness > Force of Nature, and to me it is exactly the right mix.

The reason I only list those three items is that in the most of the games I've played as Cho, that's the last item I buy. We've either already been beaten into oblivion by fed carries, or I'm already stomping into the opponent's base with OUR fed carries. If I'm level 14 and have 3600 health with ~180 Hp/5, and I'm knocking on the door of their base with my team, I'm certainly not bothering to port back to base and spend my extra 2000 gold or whatever.

If you get lucky and go up against some guy that lets you kill him three times before you hit 6, then maybe you'll have money left over, but that game is probably going to be over even quicker. In that scenario I would buy Atma's Impaler after FoN, not Aegis. I think.

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Warmog isnt only for health, It helps with Health Regen too. When you max out your War, You get like 1.2k health and around 100 Health Regen.

My item build is usually 2 Wars, 1 Ninja Tabi, 1 Thornmail, 1 Guardian Angel, and 1 Force of Nature. But sometimes I get 2 Wars, 2 Thorn, and 2 FoN.

This is my usual tanky build that goes straight for survival. You get somewhere around 300 Armour and 200 Magic Resist and with around 5k health and 200-400 Health Regen. It'd take about 4 guys hammering me with spells and ults to kill me. And that still takes a while.

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Who builds a health item like Wargmogg's on Cho? If you are tanking with Cho the health from your standard tanking gear + your stacks is gonna give you MORE than enough health, you really should focus on getting your MR and armor nice and high.

I mean, if its regen you want, Omen will give you armor, health, regen, a great passive, and a great slow. Really, there are WAY better things to buy than Warmog in any situation.