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[Guide] Crit Damage Twitch

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There are a few things you need to understand when you play as Twitch. People say he is an easy hero to play, the truth is playing twitch is easy but playing him to his full potential is difficult. Position and timing are the main things you need to worry about with this hero. You need to be very aware of everything around you before you decide to go for a kill or kills. Do not be scared to wait for just the right time to come out of stealth. You can die in a matter of moments if you do not time and position yourself perfectly. I will go into this more in detail later in this guide.

Let’s start with his abilities:

1. Ambush – This is one a very powerful ability. Not just in the fact that you are invisible, but also that you gain attack speed depending on how long you have been invisible. It is key when entering a fight to know how long you will keep your ambush buff while fighting. The increased attack speed greatly increases your damage output and will allow you to get a hero to almost ½ life before they notice you are there at times.

2. Debilitating Poison – The only time I use this is when and enemy is running, or when I am in a fight I will lose and need to get away. The more stacks of Deadly Venom you have on your target the slower they go. Remember though this will slow all heroes within range by 20% so do not think it is pointless to use if someone has not been hit.

3. Expunge – this spell deals direct damage to all heroes within range that have Deadly Venom on them, plus additional damage for each stack of Deadly Venom on the hero. This is best used when an enemy is running from you to ensure you get the kill, but remember this removes all of your stacks of Deadly Venom from the target so it is better to use this when the venom has ticked for most of its damage whenever possible.

4. Spray and Pray - This is your bread and butter. You can solo a tower outside of its range with this or kill an entire team if used correctly. This is where position and timing come in. For example, when 2 enemy heroes are pushing a tower line up so you will hit them both with your shots. (This ability will hit multiple targets in a straight line.) Make sure you have a good amount of time built up on ambush then pop Spray and Pray and aim for the target in the back. This will cause you to attack both heroes. Once you get 3-4 shots off they will usually start to run. Use Debilitating Poison to slow them, then when they get low hit them with an Expunge if needed to ensure the kills. Mastering how and when to use this ability is a big part of using this hero.


This all depends on who I am with in my lane or if I am solo. If I am solo I go for a Vampiric Scepter. This allows you to stay in the lane a lot longer. If I am with another hero and going for an early gank it is usually Brawlers Gloves and a Health Potion. Most games it is the Gloves, which is un-common among most twitch players. The way I build twitch is for critical chance attack speed and damage. Most people I see writing guides go for life steal and damage. I did that for a while but this works better for me.

My goal is twitch is to always get first blood. Getting a small advantage on your enemies early game is a really good way to acquire an early tower and to make your enemies scared to move into their lane. Your items are very important for this. The next thing I get is a Zeal. After that it is always Berserkers Greaves. Then work up to a phantom dancer. Infinity edge is the next item to build. Save for the BF sword first. This is where you will see the most difference. In order to support this expensive build have someone come mid for you if you were solo, or have you lane partner solo that way you can focus on helping to push towers and ganking. Around level 5 or 6 you should start your push and ganking phase. Next work on a last whisper, the armor pen is very helpful, then on to a black cleaver. For your final item if the game gets to this point it is really up to you. Pick something that will work well with who you are playing with and against. Use your judgment.


I use the typical 21/0/9 build. I think this is standard.


I go with crit chance yellow runes and the rest are all crit damage. I like straight crit, not scaling by level. The reason for this is early game is where you need to get some kills. Stacking these stats early will get you a 6.98% crit chance and +42.78 crit damage. On a hero like Ryze or Annie, this is awesome. Crit them once and they will leave you alone. Also if you go the Gloves to start you will be at 14.98% crit chance.

Summoner Spells:

Exhaust + Flash or Exhaust + Ignite both work very well.


Hero Skills:

I start with Expunge then put a point into Ambush. At level 3 I got with Debilitating poison. Then give Ambush priority over everything but Spray and Pray. Then go for Expunge and finally go for Debilitating Poison. The attack speed bonus is amazing that you gain from Ambush, plus the longer stealth is a huge help when setting up ganks. You will be doing most of your damage with crits so that is why I am not too concerned with Expunge.

Level 1-5 or 6

Focus on killing heroes early. Get last hits when you can on creeps, but killing heroes is your main task. Try to lane with someone with a stun or a nuke so you can easily work with them to get kills. If you are not getting last hits try to get some good creep kills to keep the money flowing. Remember you are looking to get built up as quickly as possible so when to you get to level 5 or 6 you can easily help people gank.

Level 6 – 12

Here you can continue to gank and work to get your items built. Picking up neutral creep buffs is nice at this point to keep you in the lanes longer but is not needed. Around these levels is when you should be pushing towers too. You can ult and stay out of range of the tower to do some decent damage to it. Just make sure you will get the full ambush buff, this helps more then I can explain. If you notice that killing people is hard for you to do solo start sticking with one of your team mates, but change which one frequently. Surprise is your best friend.

Level 12 - 18

Stick with your team and make sure to have good position in team fights. You will probably be a target. Be careful for wards and Oracle’s. These can catch you off guard and will get you killed very fast. Remember that you are a very thin hero and need to have an out. Always have outs.

I hope this helps some people improve their Twitch game. I will be adding some screen shots to this guide to show proper positioning as soon as I have a chance to get some. Please feel free to leave any feedback weather it is positive or negative, and thanks for taking the time to read my guide.

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I don't feel like you've checked your numbers very well. Crit chance is arguable later on, but damage needs to be 1st. a BF sword will almost double your damage early on. Crit chance can't come close to that. further more, the attack speed/dodge on the phantom dance offer minimal bonuses. You're paying a lot of money for stats that aren't efficient for twitch. You'll do more damage AND live longer if you start with damage and life steal. There's no plus to this build that I can see.

Also, if you're planning on being in team fights, tiamat is the only acceptable option. Again... check the math. There's nothing even close to debate about. +(1/3 damage*the number of enemies in splash range-1)= literally hundreds of bonus damage.

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I agree with both of you, i play twitch similar to you stardash, my item build is different order, but essentially the same.

boots+ 3HP pots
--->MS 3 boots or AS boots (MS 2): depends on preference, i like the mobility to chase them down w/ phantom dancer.
long sword-->recurve bow-->Last Whisper: the damage bonus is nice at this point, then followed with attack speed helps alot w/ expunge.

At this point i go for infinity edge or Black cleaver depending on the team. the start portion is pretty cheap, and since i started w/ boots instead of regen, i'm already on my way to my main course.

BF sword-->pick axe-->crit cape (18%)--> infinity Edge

(if game is heavy defense wise i'll get Cleaver first)

BF sword+long sword-->Black cleaver: now your last whisper is ignoring less and less base Armor. So if they have 200 armor, instead battling against 140 armor... (last whipser's 40% alone), you'll be ignoring against less armor. now they have 140 armor, and you're ignoring 40% of that....leaving them with 84 armor.

And then i finish my with a Phantom dancer... my attack speed and crit chance really come into shining here. sometimes i make executioners after infinity if i'm needing the extra surviability. (critting at 75%+ for 600 dmg on creeps heals you like its nothing, giving you more room to damage the enemy w/o worring as much about health)

Just a thought

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I'd say that you are neglecting a couple of items that are pivotal on Twitch for turning around team fights.

Malady and Executioner's Culling. With these two and a Black Cleaver, when you pop out and spray and pray, you can litter their whole team with enough debuffs that your team will tear through them all like butter.

Also Armor Penetration Marks and Quints are more effective than Crit damage ones.