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Maestro error

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Hey, sometimes when I'm using the LoL client, this message pops up and I have to force quit and restart the client. It happens to me about once a day or if the client is open (idle) for over an hour or two (I'll come back to my computer with the error shown as in the attached images). So far it has been an inconvenience, but earlier today it happened when I was choosing champions to start a PVP game. The game registered it as a dodge/leaving champion select, and I was barred from joining games for 5 minutes (first time ever "dodging&quot.
It only started happening since the last Patch (the large rebalancing patch for champ stats).
I've attached two images, one shows what it looks like and the other is a closeup of the message. I searched around for this issue being stated before, but couldn't find it being mentioned in relation to Mac users or the Mac client. Hopefully I'm not restating a past bug or issue since I don't read these forums often. Thanks!