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[Guide] Speed Singed

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I've been playing Singed since Beta, and he is by far the character that I perform best with in LoL. I play a true hybrid build for this character, slightly different from other Singed players who I've faced, and from other guides I've read on these forums. It's not an easy to play version, you will not be as tanky as folks who get a warmog's, sunfire cloak, and banshee's veil, but it has the ability to absolutely wreak havoc on opponents and have them clamoring for surrender at the 25:00 mark (currently the earliest you can surrender)

1 - Skills
2 - Summoner Spells
3 - Runes and Masteries
4 - Pregame/Early Game
5 - Middle Game (level 7-13)
6 - Late Game (Level 14 on)
7 - Items
8 - Closing Thoughts

1 - Skills of Singed

Passive: Empowered Bulwark - Increases Singed's Health by .25 for each Mana Point he has.

Comments:Free HP just for building up your mana pool, vey nice item, since this guild has you buying exactly two HP items, and one of them is dependent on how well you are doing in the game. This also makes Singed extremely survivable in lane, as every level up he not only gets his +78 HP per level, but also gets another ~11 HP from his mana going up by 48. Singed starts with a fairly low HP number, but has survivability based on this passive

Q - Poison Trail - Leaves a trail of poison behind Singed, dealing damage to enemies caught in the path.
Toggle: Singed lays a poisonous trail which deals 22 / 34 / 46 / 58 / 70 (+0 per ability power) magic damage per second.

Comments: The farming tool/main early/mid game DPS of Singed, the purple cloud of doom as one of my friends calls it. Run around things to infect them with the poison, usually two runs around minion waves will do it, although recent increases in minion magic resist make later game farming more difficult. A note of caution. like all poisons that affect enemies, if you're near the enemy tower and they are infected by your poison, the tower will aggro to you IMMEDIATELY and start pounding you. Know this if you're going to tower dive.

W - Mega Adhesive - Throws a vial of mega adhesive on the ground causing all enemies who touch it to be slowed for the duration.
Singed throws a vial of mega adhesive on the ground causing all enemies who touch it to be slowed by 35 / 45 / 55 / 65 / 75% for 5 seconds.

Comments: The tar pit of LoL. This is used for chasing, escaping, and setting up flings. 75% slow for 5 seconds? Yes Please. The range on this spell is absolutely incredible as well. You should be able to outrange almost any other skill so don't stop chasing that Ashe, even if she keeps volleying on your face.

E - Fling - Flips an enemy behind Singed, dealing damage to it when it lands.
Singed flings an enemy over his shoulder, dealing 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 / 300 (+1 per ability power) magic damage and slowing the enemy when they land.

Comments: One of the most powerful spells in the game, as it is one of five that can forcibly move your character to somewhere that you don't want to be (the others being taunt headbutt, buster shot, Janna's ult and rocket grab). This is as much a skill shot as any other in the game, except instead of being able to target where you shoot the skill, you have to line up the directioning of the fling as you run towards the enemy. Decent damage if you skill it up quickly, but not as important as your other skills after one level, because you don't throw the person any farther as you skill it up.

R - Insanity Potion - Singed drinks a potent brew of chemicals, granting him increased combat stats.

Singed drinks a potent brew of chemicals, granting him 35 / 50 / 65 enhanced damage, attack speed %, ability power, armor, movement speed, and regeneration per 5 for 25 seconds.

Comments: A true steroid skill in the most basic meaning, temporarily buffs your attack speed, AP, HP/MP regen, and most importantly, speed. It also makes a hell of a lot of noise, and announces your presence for enemies. Note to anyone playing against singed, if he's smoking and whistling, hide.

Skill build order:

1 - E
2 - Q
3 - Q
4 - W
5 - Q
6 -R
7 - Q
8 - W
9 - Q
10 - W
11 - R
12 - W
13 -W
14 - E
15 - E
16 - R
17 - E
18 - E

You need to have one point of fling immediately, as it allows you to throw an overaggressive enemy somewhere they don't want to be, or if you are on a side lane and your lane mate wants to be really aggressive, you can throw someone farther from their tower as you beat on them. After that you need to max poison trail asap for damage against minions for farming, and for enemies to gank them. Mega adhesive is leveled over fling, as the extra slow is more important than the extra damage from fling. Insanity potion is leveled whenever you can get it, and should be used as much as possible to replenish HP/MP, and to successfully gank someone.

2 - Summoner Spells

Out of the 14 or so summoner spells currently available there are only three that are actually worth taking on this version of singed.

Teleport - A very very important spell, and one that I always take. Your character is all about mobility and the ability to be anywhere on the map as soon as possible. This allows you that ability.

Ghost - The other skill that I always take on Singed, the increased speed buff is an offensive skill when taken on this guy. The ability to run faster than your opponent and run up to them and fling them towards your tower should allow you to gain an early kill. After that it is used to catch someone, or to escape from an ugly situation. The CD on this is high, so use it well

Cleanse - The new changes to cleanse (two second CC immunity) makes it a very attractive spell, and will allow you to escape some sticky situations. If you want to make sure you don't ever die, take this, but you'll be giving up something else that is also very important

Other than those, you might take a promote if your team wants to use a 5 promote strategy, but nothing else is worth it. Every time I see a singed with a smite or ignite I laugh a little bit.

3 - Runes and Masteries
Marks -
Nothing really all that important for Singed...use what you already have. Don't buy anything for this guy. Crit damage can be good for late in the game, but nothing game breaking

Seals - HP regen/level per 5. They give an equal return at lvl 4 than base HP regen/5 runes, and are cheaper in the store as well

Glyphs - MP regen/level per 5. Very cheap in the store, and are good for almost all characters. They will keep you in lane an extra minute or two early game, and make your insanity potion fill your mana back up.

Quints - 1.5% movement speed. These are the only absolutely essential runes that you need. The extra 4.5% movement speed will have you the fastest boy on the block and able to chase anyone down or get away from anyone chasing you (except kassadin...screw that guy)

Masteries -
I usually go with a custom 0/15/15 mastery tree. The utility skills are more important than defense

3 - Hardiness
3 - Resistance
3 - Strength of Spirit
3 - Harden Skin
3 - Veteran's Scars

3 - Perseverence
1 - Haste
4 - Expanded Mind
4 - Awareness
3 - Quickness

4 - Pregame/Early Game

Starting items: To start the game grab a mana chrystal and two health potions. These will allow you to use your poison effectively and liberally early game, and you'll have enough mana for an early goo/fling combo early in the game to net a kill. The two health pots are to keep you up and running until you gain enough gold to go back for a couple items. Meki pendants are a bad idea, as you do not need to build a mana regen item for Singed, regrowth pendants are a terrible idea, because you shouldn't need more than 2 health pots, and for the money (475 gold) you can buy 13 health pots, and there is no way you should ever use that many.

Singed is best with a level advantage over people, so if you can try to grab a solo lane. Solo mid is just fine, although as you're learning you may want to give that up so that you don't embarass yourself. When the tristana or ashe on your team complain that they wanted solo, and they're so much better as a solo, just tell them to come read this guide...not that it will change their mind, but hopefully they'll just shut up and let you be.

At level 1, your job is to hover in the back of your minions and run up ONLY to last hit the melee minions. Your attacks should be doing 58 damage to them, so pay attention to their life and get in there to earn that gold. Early game you have very very few hit points for a melee pseudo tank, so don't think you can take early punishment from a volley and three attacks. Plan on using one of your potions by level two, but earn that gold.

Once you hit level 3, your poison starts to do real damage, so allow the enemy to autoattack your creeps and send the wave towards your tower. Stand in front of the enemy minion creeps and lead them back to your tower/the next creep wave with the poison gas slowly but surely killing them. This is how you earn your gold early game, and it also keeps the minion flow somewhere in the 1/3 of the map closest to your tower. Try not to push...being close to the other side's tower just leads to ganks on you, and early game you're not powerful enough to do legit damage to their tower anyways.

Save up till you have at least 825 gold, and head back to town. Quickly buy an HP crystal and a pair of base boots. Then port back to your lane...it's time to kill a dude.

You should be level 4 or 5 at this point, or if things have been rough, maybe 6. Allow your opponent to push the tower. Try to whittle their HP down near 2/3 or 1/2 with poison trail or by getting hit by them early in the minion wave and making your minions change targets to them (this is a great trick that people don't use enough). We'll assume that it's an Ashe since they are often mid opponents), and wait for them to use their volley power. As soon as they finish the volley, throw down a goo to cover them and as much of their escape route as possible, turn on your poison gas, hit ghost, and fling them straight back towards your tower. If you're lucky, they'll get a shot or two from the tower, the damage from fling (only 60 damage after magic resist) poison damage, and you attacking them. You are faster than they are, since you have high base movespeed, 4.5% quint movement buff, 4.5% mastery speed bonus, boots, and ghost. Your movement speed might be approaching 450 at this point while they are still in the low 300s. You need to continually keep positioning yourself so that they are getting affected by your poison, but try to land attacks as you can. This allows you to kill them and earn your first kill, and potentially first blood.

Keep farming the lane until you're level 7. You may be able to land another kill before you finish farming, and with your insanity potion you may be able to knock down a tower after that kill. The goal here is to earn another 1150 gold. Once you have that you need to blue pill back to base, and buy boots of swiftness and finish your catalyst the protector. Call one of your allies into your lane so that they can benefit from some solo run. A hard carry like yi, jax, tryndamere or ashe is a good candidate here, as the shellshocked middle opponent will be under leveled for a solo, underfarmed because they died, and scare mindless of a mummified scientist who just doesn't give a **** about them.

5 - Middle Game (level 7-13)

After you finish your boots of swiftness (I'll comment on boots of mobility at the end of the guide) and your catalyst you're ready to make sure the other lanes outlevel their opponents. Let your teammates know via pinging, writing, or commenting in voice coms that you're on your way to their lane and to get ready for a gank. You should be level 7-9 at this time, and your opponents will most likely be level 5. This leads to an amazing advantage as they won't have their ultimate available, keeping game breaking abilities off the table. Aim for opponents who are close to your own towers, as that increases the amount of room you have to run them down, turn on insanity potion and head in from behind them. Throw down an early goo, and lay down a poison trail in their running lane. Start attacking them in the goo, hopefully your teammates add in a spell or two plus an attack to help out. When the opponents start running away fling one of them back towards the tower and finish killing him. Don't be greedy. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, finish off the sure kill instead of trying to get both. Most LoL players stay too long to help their friends, and after you're done killing the first, your cd on goo should nearly be up, and you may be able to slow the other before you get to their tower. If you're still near full health (and you probably will be), and your teammates are still with you (as they hopefully are) you should dive into the tower area and fling your opponent back out of it. They'll be near dead usually and this will allow you to finish them off. If you can't get them, that's fine. As long as they leave their lane for a bit and allow your teammates free farm, you've done your job.

If possible collect a few more minion kills, try to level up once or twice off the ordeal (for the heals from catalyst) and knock down the tower if you can.

Try to use this same technique to kill mid again, and the other outer lane. Port back to base as you need to, but definitely do when you have saved up 1075 for a leviathan. This item is amazing, as you should be getting plenty of kills/assists, and once you get it to 20 stacks you're near invincible.

After this I usually turn my catalyst into a rod of ages. I used to do this before anything else...but leviathan is just too good now to not get early. Your levels will come fewer and farther between, so the heal from catalyst won't be as necessary, and the additional AP you get makes farming as easy as it was at level 9.

The next 1195 gold that you earn will be spent on a zeal. This is where the name speed singed starts really coming in. The additional 8% movement speed compounds all the other advantages that you have in speed and makes it so that you are the initiator/ender of all combats. No one gets away when you don't want them to, and no one can catch you when you don't want them to.

Start saving up for a force of nature and move towards late game.

6 - Late Game (Level 14 on)

If all things have gone according to plan (and really you can only control 20% of what your team does), then you should be the first person to hit 14 in the game. Your early kills on your mid opponent will have them behind you in every meaningful stat, and your killing of other champions will drive your xp through the roof. In the best situations, you'll be 14 when others are still 8, and they will be unable to touch you.

Your job now is to END the game. Singed can be a decent carry, but the goal is to win, and it is far easier to do that before the master yi on the other team hits 18 with full gear and can turn team fights into butchery sessions. Insanity potion makes you an incredible pusher and tower killer. Teleport can get you accross the map in 4 seconds, and your innate speed makes getting between lanes really really quickly. Innitiate team fights, beat on people poison all of them, and slow them all down. You don't do burst damage, but you will methodically wear down their hp. Take out carries and casters first, and move down the list you normally would. Most importantly though...end the game. Don't pussyfoot around and waste time at nashor or in the jungle, take down Hibbies and towers and push to win.

7 - Items

I've already laid down most of the items that you should have earlier, but I'll go through a traditional list here as well

1 - Boots of Swiftness - The most important item you have. This plus all the other items that you get, and your runes and masteries will make you the fastest boy, able to dive into another person's turret and toss them out to kill them. You can take boots of mobility or mercury treads instead, and in games where the opponents have tons of CC, treads will more than pay for themselves. I do not like the boots of mobility though, and it's because your escapes depend on your speed being higher than your opponents. And snares are already Singed's greatest enemy. With boots of mobility those snares effects are exacerbated as you're unable to get away from someone and out of combat.

2 - Catalyst the Protector -> Rod of Ages - This is your early game constant heal pot (from levels up, and a major damage item. If the other team is magic heavy with lots of targeted spells that can really mess up your game, you can instead change the catalyst into a Banshee's veil.

3 - Leviathan - This is a fairly new item as of this posting, but it is an absolutely amazing item for a ganking toon. As you get kills your health will continue to grow. When you hit 20 stacks (10 kills or 20 assists, or a mix of both) then you take 15% less damage. With magic damage mitigation built in in a later item, and the inability of melee dps to stay in contact with you, that makes you almost impossible to kill.

4 - Zeal -> Phantom Dancer - It's not just about the movement speed, but the attack speed and crit chance helps you chunk down heroes and towers when insanity potion is on. You will attack super fast, and people without much armor will crumble before you.

5 - Force of Nature - I'm not a huge fan of this on other toons, but it's necessary on Singed. It mitigates a huge amount of magic damage, and it gives you more speed, plus a huge amount of health regen. This allows you to stay out of your base and constantly pushing towers after team fights. The easiest way to do damage to you is through spells, and this makes it so that you can survive even the nastiest nuke.

6 - Wild Card - This is usually whatever it is I feel like getting at this point of the game...which usually never happens. The game is over by the time I finish the previous items. I usually lean towards a damage item, as at this point of the game, it's either that or more HP. One great item is a Frozen Mallet...HP + a slow means that no one will ever get away from you. Another item worth it's while is the Black Cleaver. Your super fast attack speed + its damage and its lowering of armor really make you a load. The last choice would be an infinity edge, as that would turn your crit level up to 9000 and make the other team wonder how they died so fast to you.

So item build order -

1. Mana Crystal
2. Health Pots
3. Health Crystal
4. Boots
5. Boots of Swiftness
6. Catalyst the Protector
7. Leviathon
8. Zeal
9. Negatron Cloak
10. Regrowth Pendant
11. Force of Nature
12. Phantom Dancer
13. Mallet/Cleaver/Edge

The last thing I want to mention in the items section is that while this is a guide, it's not the absolutely roadmap to success. You need to adapt to your opponents. If they have only physical DPS, then look at getting a sunfire cloak instead of a damage item for the last slot. If they don't have any magic resist, look at getting a rylai's instead of a zeal/phantom dancer. The name of the game is adaptation. If you can force the enemy to adapt to you, you've done a great job of getting in their head...however if you fail to adapt to an obvious situation then you're doomed to lose.

8. Closing Thoughts

The better part of valor is knowing when to run...run in and run out. Know your opponents. Know their skills, know their cooldowns, know their range, know their weaknesses. Play the game a lot if you want to be good, and exploit what you can in them. Don't be afraid on this character...you can end any engagement with a pile of good and ghost and running away. Get ahead and finish them off quickly. Get the lizard buff whenever you can, as that slow makes getting away from you absolutely impossible.

Let me know if you have any questions/comments, and I'll try to get back to this thread as often as possible.

Good Luck,

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One of the most powerful spells in the game, as it is one of three that can forcibly move your character to somewhere that you don't want to be (the others being taunt and rocket grab).

did you forget Alistar's punt and tristana's blow back shot?

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I did, good call

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did you forget Alistar's punt and tristana's blow back shot?

Don't forget Janna's ultimate.

Not that it's really an issue since no one plays Janna....

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what if we have a gangplank at mid solo with cleanse and flash??
he can cleanse him self when we come to flung him and !!if this is a big if as the flings radius if very low, we successfully flung him over he has flash to escape and he has automatic poison remover as his 2nd skill, plus his ulti is far more dangerous than ours(wtf cannon barrage)
this guide is very good but it is only agains low hp range dps's it is useless if their solo is also a melee dps
examples: Nasus,Gankplank,Blitzcrank,Rammus,Sion,

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For the most part the examples you've given are not a problem for this character if played well.

A pirate with cleanse and flash you say? Toss him once so he burns both spells, wait for him to use his remove scurvy for a ****py heal and do it again, before cleanse and flash are off cooldown. Fling's cd is far less than any summoner spell, so to base an argument off of those is fairly silly. I've killed solo nasuses (nasi?) gangplanks, jaxes, and yis. I've never gone up against a solo mid rammus, blitzcrank, or sion, as those are better side lane characters.

By far the hardest character to lane against is a well played CM, as his constant stuns and harassment will not allow you to be as aggressive as you need to be, but if you catch him with one well placed fling you can get ahead.

It's all about your skill playing this character vs. your opponents skill, but at worst you should end the early laning phase 0/0/0 before you head out to another lane.

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bumping since singed is f2p again.

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Zeal/Phantom Dancer/Cleaver/Edge


If you've been playing singed since beta and you don't know why these are bad, I don;t know what else to say.

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Let's compare Force of Nature to Lich Bane.

Force of Nature - 2690 Gold

+76 Magic Resist - Somewhat useful stat, but it's attached to an awful item. You're better off getting other magic resistance items.
+40 Health Regen per 5 sec - Absolutely worthless outside of laning.
+8% Movement Speed - Pretty useful, but as far as I know this is the ONLY reason people buy this item over something like Banshee's Veil or Lich Bane.
UNIQUE Passive: Restores 0.35% of your champion's health every second. - Sounds good, but let's do the math. If you have 2000 HP, this regenerates 7 per second. If you have 2500 HP, it regenerates 8.75 HP per second. If you have 3000 HP, it regenerates 10.5 HP per second. This passive is actually pretty bad because health regeneration is a useless stat outside of laning.

Lich Bane - 3470 Gold

+350 Mana - Gives you 87 HP.
+80 Ability Power - 1:1 ratio on Fling, pumps your poison a little bit too.
+30 Magic Resist - Not as good as Force of Nature.
+7% Movement Speed - Not as good as Force of Nature, but by a mere percentage point
UNIQUE Passive: 100% chance when an ability is used that your next physical attack deals an additional 100% of your Ability Power in damage. This effect has a 3 second cooldown. - Handy, but not the reason to buy this.

Lich Bane costs more than Force of Nature, but it's got way more useful stats on it. The Sheen you build early game helps a ton too, it can catch people off guard because Singed isn't a burst damage hero.