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I know how to make Blitzcrank all better

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Nerf Hammer:
His current out of combo ability is overdrive. And it boosts his attack speed to Mordekaiser's basic attack speed, the one he was already born with.

More importantly, it does increase his movement speed, which is the whole point of the thing. Lets you catch up to people and powerfist their carry, or run after people for a bit and keep zapping them.

Imho, that's why the thing has the "underdrive" component, so you can't just chase somebody indefinitely once you've caught up to them and keep zapping them with your ult.

Certainly, overdrive is not intended to increase your attack speed enough to deal out deeps.

Actually, you know what? The more I think about it the more I think blitz is okay. Not top tier material, but that's because all of them have ninja dodging skills and never actually get hit. And if you are top tier, I pity you and your 10 viable heroes. The rest of us can still use blitz in game to good effect since people mess up, get grabbed, and then die horribly.