Questions regarding Garen.

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Woah. Cool.

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****, does not compute; seems something is wrong with forums.

This was in OP, now for the 4th time:

Hello all, didn't play for quite some time and just started playing back again. Last time I played Garen, most people used to rush Cape, even stacking them, which I never really liked. I was looking through (new) items and realized there might be a better solution.

How about trying to build towards Thornmail and Aegis? I didn't play enough games to test it (and mind I don't play with great players since I am low level), but I find it reasonable to get Thornmail first against typical mixed teams I encounter; and it's mostly because I don't feel that price tag on Cape is justified. 100 armor from Thornmail might just as well be enough for the whole game, especially when throwing in Aegis.

So, what I did was Null Magic Mantle as starting item (while playing against at least one caster in lane, which happens almost all of the time - I'll use it for Aegis later on) and going back to base after obtaining 2000 gold; Garen can stand in a lane for a long time due to regeneration and a kill or two will surely speed things up. Even better if I can buy first part of the boots along with Thornmail.

Does it make sense? Is there a better way of doing it?

Also, what runes would you suggest for Garen?

Thanks in advance.

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my garen set up.
Runes: all arpen reds and quints health yellows CDR blues [CDR=cooldown reduction]

arpen allows for early ganks, end game garen sucks for team damage. when i say end game. 50 minutes and 1k AP later.

starting items dorans shield and health pot.

First item. spirit visage. 20% bonus healing done to yourself. great for your passive and some CDR

garen is dependant on Cooldowns. CDR is very good for him. after that you can do a couple dif. things.
You say you dont like sunfires. i suggest always atleast 1. the reason garens get sunfire is because of the damage. adding 40 damage to your judgement isnt half bad.

if you just wanna say *&*&^ that cape thing. i go warmogs. randuins. another warmogs then actually maybe another warmorgs. then a atmas impaler.

this build will own late gmae if you actually finish. around 200 AD. maybe more depending on your creep kills kthx.
ps. get boots of swiftness first