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A new Character concept

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Okay so I decided one day that I wanted to design a hero. However I didn't want this character to be just another Melee DPS so I sat down and tried to find a more creative way to play a Melee growth support DPS. Difficult I know but the feedback I've gotten from my friends has helped me correct some mistakes and make a character that I personally think would be interesting to play. Here you can get your first look at the guy I like to call...

Horvath, Shadow of the Grave

Horvath commands the souls of his victims to do his bidding in various ways. These are all the tortured souls of those he’s killed over the years and bound to his legendary staff the Runebolg. It gives him the ability to steal the life energy of his victims to increase his own power. It was Horvath who led the villains that destroyed the home of Ionia’s Master Yi, and he has many of those spirits now bound to him in servitude. For years he lay in hiding waiting for his moment to return to the world and wreak devastation in his wake. He joins the League as one of Noxus' most well known and legendary warriors and has fought beside many of their greatest heroes and heroines in great part The Fallen Angel Morgana.

Passive: Reaper Slash – Every kill minion or champion grants +1 attack power maximum of 25 at lvl 1 50 at lvl 10 and 75 18 you lose everything when you die.

Active 1: Unchained Spirit – Releases a chain of energy at his target with a short bind distance that drains (30/60/90/120/150) + (30% attack power) health over three seconds. If the bind is not broken when the duration ends Horvath is teleported next to the target and they are stunned for 1 second. (Half of Fiddle stick’s drain laser and can move) Cost: (75/90/105/120/135) Cool Down: 15 seconds

Active 2: Quiet the Soul – Horvath slams his staff into the ground making energy blades hit everything around him for a short distance for (60/80/100/120/140) + (75% attack power) and silences for 2 seconds. (Effect distance of sunfire cape) Cost: (80/100/120/140/160) Cool Down: 20 seconds

Active 3: Dance of the cursed – Hits target opponent with a mark that makes the souls of the dead dance around them and grant Horvath 30% life steal against every enemy inside the AOE, lasts 5 seconds or until target is killed. (AOE is akin to Lux’s Lucid Singularity) Cost: (50/75/100/125/150) Cool Down: 18 Seconds

Active 4 Ultimate ability: Ghost Slash – The souls of the cursed increase his movement speed and attack range and force him to dash forward and back 5 times a total of 10 slashes dealing (50/100/150) + (60% attack power) and the first fifth and final slash slow the target 35% for 1 second. (Range slightly longer then Tryndamere’s spin attack) Cost: (100/200/300) Cool Down: 40 seconds

Health: Low average

Attack: High

Spells: Weak

Difficulty: Medium/High

So look him over closely and tell me what you think, I put a fair bit of work into his over all design and I think it came out good.