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Garen is a carry.

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Carries are supposed to scale well into late game.
Garen is pretty much the opposite.

No way, a reasonable response in this thread?

You, sir or madam, are too kind.

Oh and by the way, if this is a serious claim, or for those who actually believe this before clicking on this thread:

1) There is always a Garen in the brush.

2) There is always a Garen in the brush.

3) Face checking the brush as a 400 health caster that refused to use health quints will probably cause you to die.

4) Face checking the brush as anything but another Garen and another tank (or a high damage/disable squishy standing behind this other Garen, away from enemy Garen's spin range) is still a bad idea. Losing a ton of health early in lane gets you zoned out of last hit gold and possibly experience.

5) Face checking the brush with a lanemate who is also for some reason a 400 health caster does not increase your ability to counter Garen in the brush. It might actually result in two deaths. See, his 'spin to win' move can hit multiple people at once, especially if they clump up right on top of each other and get right next to the Garen.

6) Once he 'spins to win,' Garen can do nothing interesting for 10-15 seconds or so unless he can still ult. So when he spins, don't stand in it? Run away from it? Then nuke him while all he has is terrible auto-attack? Or just keep ignoring him...

7) Against Garen's Battle Regimen for Ultimate Soldier Heroism, I would suggest employing "Winning Against Ridiculous Demacian Strategy." This way you can tag him with a ranged ability once every <7 seconds and prevent his passive from safely occurring in the brush.

8) Garen will often use his Q and/or W to charge at you before initiating a Spin into an ult. When Garen's Q occurs (you can hear the sound and see him moving directly at you?), just move back. Garen will then become frustrated and probably use the Q to hit a minion so he can get the CD started ticking, which means one of his 3 offensive abilities is now useless (2 if it's early in lane).

9) Don't focus the Garen in teamfights. Killing him first will often lose you the teamfight as the actual damage dealers on their team will kill the rest of your team. If Garen has gone with a 'damage build,' then focus him after any other 'damage dealer' on their team, but no sooner.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy playing Garen and do believe he has a strong early laning presence. However, in teamfights, all I can do is run up alongside the tank and provide another potential target while silencing a key target, spinning to win, and ulting when appropriate. The more important factors of Garen in late teamfighting are being able to often cause the first kill in a teamfight via an ult (demoralizing the other team, now that it's a 5v4, even if the teamfight is in the enemy's favor) and the silence, really. A Singed tossing a Kassadin into a Garen silence+spin+ult (this also requires my team to help burn the Kass down before the silence expires, by the way) is a demonstration of Garen's usefulness late game.

He's just not that hard to lane against once you're aware of his limitations. Pair him with Taric as a lanemate, and yes this can be super-annoying, but so can other lane comps.