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panth items = just pure damage?

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thanks for the tips. i definitely will do either ghostblade or bloodthirster, and then a brutalizer. i was rolling 21/1/8, but i think i'll switch over to 8/1/21. you can guess what the 1 is for, I get queue dodged a lot, but its too much fun.

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I wouldn't recommend the builds in here.

Try this:

EDIT: The improved flat damage runes are actually incredibly good on Panth. Try a mix of flat damage quints and arpen/flat dmg reds to find something you like.

Arpen/flat damage reds
Mana/5/lvl yellows
CDR or Mana/5/lvl blues
Arpen/flat damage or flat HP quints (or a mix)

21/9/0 or 21/0/9, personally I like the exp from utility tree.

-> Doran's blade + red pot
-> Focus on last hitting unless your lane opponent(s) are extremely squishy. Your goal is to farm enough for 2 more doran's and boots by level 6/7.
-> Once you have enough, blue pill and set up a gank. Make sure to talk with your team, make sure they allow their lanes to be pushed so you're not trying to tower dive, and make clear where and when you're dropping in. This should net you at least one kill, possibly two.
-> Merc treads
-> Ghostblade if they are tanky, BF Sword -> bloodthirster if they are squishy
-> Banshee's against casters/GA against mixed/randuins against heavy melee
-> This is a lot of gold for Panth but if the game's still going I'd go with a frozen mallet against most comps.

Use your head when building panth. If they are heavy heavy tank you'll probably want to fit a last whisper in, If they are more squishy or low damage you can skip pure defensive items and go straight for a frozen mallet. The big thing to remember is that Panth is still strongest early/mid game. If you dont rack up at least 3-6 kills in this time span, you're going to want to build more survivability as your damage is just not going to scale well in to the late game no matter what you build, if you didn't have a strong early/mid. If you do have a strong early/mid you should be able to dominate the game in to an early win for your team and can focus more on offense.

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Grab survivability.


From here look at enemy comp:

Mostly physical?
3 chain vests
(Upgrade to Atma's, Randuins, and Sunfire)

Mostly magic?
3 negatrons
(Upgrade 1 to banshee's, 1 to QSS if the enemy team has suppression or a lot of CC, FoN or 1 can just sit there while you continually roll double/triple pots or you can buy wards, place them, and rebuy it or grab a BF sword if you feel like you're lacking on damage.)

If they're a mixture then just buy hybrid survivability. (Atma's, Banshee's, Randuin's. for example)

Ghostblade, Brutalizer is plenty of damage to last until later on really where even full AD Panth falls apart anyway. With a decent amount of survivability you can run around and keep throwing those spears at people. This build also allows you to more effectively ult a teamfight and enhances your abilities as a stunbot later on when Pantheon's damage with a full AD build is offset by his survivability anyway.

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Never build just AD, no matter who you're playing. Armor penetration is your friend.