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How do you counter garen, need help

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LT Sushi



Sh0ck And Awe:
he gets fed. im farming mid and doing well. i finally leave the laning phase and encounter garen.
i die. anyone who attemps to help me dies. they outfarm me even though i have 50+ creep kills on them.
they do dragon. get buffs. they are years ahead of us. we attempt a team fight. we die.
repeat this another time. they push. garen is unstoppable with 2 sunfire capes before i even have a decent item.
they push, we can do nothing in the process. they tower dive and kill 1-2 of us. they grab an inhibitor. do baron. ace us once more, and push for the win.
seriously, this is the scenario every time theres a garen and my team isnt good. i have no idea how to carry below average teams against him. im not good either if i cant counter him.

Play with friends, or people you know aren't terrible. If they're not bad, garen won't get fed, and you won't have a problem. Or just wait till late game; as someone else said, he just tickles