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Xplicit Gaming (instert slogan here)

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Going to make this sweet and simple. We are a CSS team that got hooked on LoL about 2 weeks ago. Now that are main 2 leagues are on off season we decided to start making some teams to do 3v3 and 5v5 for LoL when the leagues start up. As of right now there is about 10 of us that are on just about every night learning new things and ways to play. We are here to have fun and later get competitive.

Type of people we are looking for is simple. 18+ due to we say some crazy stuff in vent. Not be a ****** and want to chill out and have fun.

If your interested in joining goto www.xplicitgaming.org (http://www.xplicitgaming.org) and head to the forums sign up and leave your info in the LoL section. You can also hit me up ingame budakinns is the name.

Also looking for those top end teams to play against to get better. Cant get better playing nubs right ?