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Lemon Wizard

Junior Member


While I have played LoL for quite a bit, I've never posted on the forums. As I play, I notice a terrible injustice: Many, many people overlook the surprisingly deadly Dr. Mundo.

So I decided that I would put my own two cents in to how I like to play him. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Mundo, the Purple People Eater

Me, I’m a tank person. Now, there are a lot of scary tanks out there. Rammus, Amumu, Malphite are some of the best known. However, one you don’t see much of around is the good old Dr.Mundo, who is my personal favorite.
Now, I know what most people think when they see a Mundo join your queue.
Because a good Mundo is so ****ed rare. Well never fear ye doubters, for there is a way to kick ass and chew bubblegum (or as Mundo would say “Chew ass and kick bubblegum&#8221 with the doctor, and soon you too can be harking cries of “MUNDO SHALL NEVER DIE!!” to the high heaven too!
The guiding principle when playing with the lovable purple maniac is this: Stay in character. Always think: WWAH/SMWAGCD?
(What would a homicidal/suicidal maniac with a giant cleaver do?)

So, you might ask, what WOULD Mundo do when given a page of runes? The immediate answer? Stab it. But afterword, he would defiantly, DEFINITELY stack health and health regen.
Now, this might be a little simplistic for most people who are used to playing twitch or a caster or someone, who wants high ***** size dps. ‘Wait? Where’s the damage come from? I want mad killz!’
The answer: The damage comes from the mother**** cleaver!
Mundo is a tank, above all else. You don’t NEED damage: your enemies will take one swing at you, realize your purple wrath is unbendable, and run screaming into the woods! Who needs damage? AP is for Chumps who aren’t purple! For those of you staying in character, Mundo is too stupid to worry about those things! It’s like sticking a sword on an atomic missile: completely irrelevant.
The same principles apply to pretty much everything except armor, which I myself never worry with, but might make an interesting expansion.

Masteries should follow suit. I would go defense. Get everything that’s not a summoner spell: and remember: health health health, Mundo Mundo Mundo!
In the game:
What Spells should you get? Mostly depends on your style. My favorites are Teleport and Flash.
My only pointer is this: healing is for chumps. Your freaking Mundo! Your whole deal is a walking heal! You don’t need it! You might need it for the first six levels, but after that? Just a drop in the bucked of your tremendous health pool. It’s much better to go with something more aggressive. I like teleport and flash because as a tank, you need to be able to get to where your teammates need you to defend quickly, so mobility is important. Ghost is clever too.
Oh, in case you’re a wiseass: Not even Mundo is dumb enough to take Clarity
So you’ve got your health, your spells and you’re in the game.


The key to playing a good Mundo is to think like Mundo. Dr. Mundo is a slightly…er…troubled doctor. He’s a B-list frankenstien, a Dr. Feel-VERY-****ING-BAD! He is to intellectual what a bumblebee is to a water buffalo. He wades into combat, tongue lolling, cleaver flailing dangerously, arms waving above his head like an enamored baboon in mating season, completely unaware of his personal safety. As such, you do not worry about taking damage.
Here’s an example of the kind of thinking you want when playing Dr. Mundo:

Dr. Mundo is skipping merrily along his lane when he sees a bush.

What a normal person might think: Oh, Bushes. Be careful of an ambush.


What many people don’t realize is that bushes are concealment, NOT COVER. As a result, a fun tactic with Mundo is to simply hurl your ‘infected cleaver’ skill into the bushes to see if anyone is in there. There’s nothing more satisfying than randomly hurling your cleaver into the bushes and hearing the glorious thunk-sqish that heralds the pain of the poor individual in them.
Remember to throw parallel to the bushes to minimize your chances of missing.
A few twitches have been disappointed when a wanton cleaver has accidently killed them…halfway through their sneaking up on me.

Levels 1-6: Mundo is very very skittish

For Mundo, the first 6 levels can be a little bit disheartening, because you simple don’t have the life to fling yourself into ridiculous situations. So instead, do what all crazy people do when threatened: Pretend your normal. That’s right: your just a squishy little purple man, not drawing attention to yourself. Focus on creep kills, and only go into melee with a hero when you have a considerable amount of health.
A tip that applies to all tanks: just because your character is going to get a lot of health, doesn’t mean you can tower dive at level one. The game is about teamwork, not your K/D ratio. A dead Mundo has never helped anyone (well, except for the proper authorities)
Infected Cleaver is Mundo’s Q ability. Buy it at level one, and use it as much as possible here. It has a great range, which is slightly larger than the circle that the UI gives you: an experienced Mundo can judge a shot from well and safely behind his creeps. Use it to slowly wear down enemies, then let your teammates cinch the deal, or do it yourself if you’re not taking much damage.
There is one problem with this strategy. Her name is Soraka. Know her. Fear Her. She is Mundo’s worst enemy. Nothing pisses a Mundo off more than to slowly whittle down someone’s HP only to find that it’s managed to come back faster than your own! While this wont happen for long once you get levels and items and hit level six, for the first few levels it can result in more than a few deaths.

Levels 6+ Everyone else is Very Very Skittish

For Mundo, there are two parts to the game: Before you get Sadism, and After Everyone else is dead.
It is one of the best reasons to play Mundo. Imagine if you will: Mundo, with no armor and a lot of health, draws a lot of fire. His health slowly, slowly whittles down to 25%, and he turns to flee. “Aha!” Thinks the doomed Yi/Nunu/Tryndamere/everyone, “A chance to finally kill him!” Suddenly, Mundo hit;s his ult. All of a sudden, that Yi, drawn away from his allies, finds himself alone with one of the craziest people in the game who has almost full health again.
Your ult is amazing, use it well. It has a nice, quick refresh time, and basically amounts to an extra 50% health you can keep in your back pocket for times of need. Oh, and did I mention the speed boost it gives you, perfect for outrunning silly little teamos or twitches and especially melee characters?
Thanks to it, and the items/ build you set up, you can max out at 5K HP. Once you hit something like 3K, you are officially a god. 5 people attacking one turret? Charge in, cleaver waving! They can’t kill you quick enough to avoid being ripped to shreds by the turret, not even 5 of them.
Remember, WWMD? If you answered that question as “Stab it” you win. Mundo has enough health to risk in reckless assaults. Just remember to hit your ult and get out of there before you die: trust me, you’ll have time unless your horribly outclassed. By some ridiculous 1000+ damage build.
Speaking of turrets: You know those small squishy things that have been underfoot the whole match, what are they called, Oh yeah, creeps? **** Creeps! Your Dr. Mundo! Your too stupid to be afraid of anything! Hit your ult, use Masochism, and Rip the thing down. It’ll only take something like 10 seconds, which you can easily survive suspended tower bursts. (though, beware enemy champions, you can’t take both a turret AND a champion)
Here is where we realize why Mundo doesn’t care about damage: His skills are all, every one of them, amazing.

***NEW***Team Fights: Mundo Shall Never Die
When the roaming five man gank squad starts, it is very, very tempting for you to wander the map, and bring chaos and destruction to your foes towers. However, this is no fun. So, when both teams enguage eachother in a giant fight, I personally like to Charge in. The force of a 4K Mundo running at you is scary enough that often the entire team does one of two things: Runs or targets you.

Obviously Running is better. Then you can use cleaver to slow them and your team can close in for a truly terrifying slaughter.

If they attack you, and your whole team is there, that's good too, because if you hit your ult and just run away, The chances are you'll make it back to your tower before they can finish toy: Which means plenty of time for your mates to rip them up.

A teamfight is where it becomes fun to play Mundo. Most people in a team fight pick someone and empty their skills at them. In typical Mundo fashion, you can open your skills up on everyone. Running around with burning agony right in the thick of enemy lines is a fun tactic. Pick someone squishy and target them, use masochism, and force them to run away from the help of their fellows, where your team can end them.

Mundo is a tank first and foremost. You may not get the kills, but I find it rare not to end up with more than 10 assists

Infected Cleaver:
****. Yes. This skill is god. It alone can scare off anyone in the game, bar none, mostly because it does a flat 25% health as damage, reduced only by magic protection. Perfect for dealing with uppity Cho’ Gaths: “Look at me, I’ve got 4K health, I’m so awesome- OHMYGODIMDYING!” Get this skill first and upgrade it whenever you can: it is your bread and butter attack.

Burning agony:
Burning agony is especially useful in clearing creeps, but don’t count it out for heroes. A large percentage of Mundo’s damage comes from this 100 per second, which a lot of people overlook until it’s too late and their laying on the ground with a cleaver in their head. Just be careful when it’s on around a tower: A smart enemy (no one has ever thought of it yet, but someone will soon, mark my words) will deliberately walk into it to draw the turrets fire on you. Also, be careful early in game: it’s an easy way to kill yourself to leave that on for more than a few seconds.

This skill rawks. It basically doubles your damage for a low low cost of a negligible amount of health. Perfect for ripping down towers even faster. Theres pretty much no drawback to this skill: Use it for towers, champions, anything you feel deserves a beat down. Oh yes, did I mention than this skill’s damage has an inverse relation to health? If your weak, it’s fun to pop it and suddenly deal 3 times the damage with a single swing. It’s enough to trick most people into falling back because they think your going to use your ult again. Suckers!

Items: Get your items like you got your runes: HEALTH AND HEALTH REGEN FIRST!
I usually start with a Regrowth pendant, to offset the lack of my ult for the first six levels. Since I now have health regen approximately equal to a level 18 of any other character, you should be alright for now.
Buy your boots, whichever you prefer (Boots of Swiftness are always a good choice) and then as quickly as you can get a Warmogs. A second Warmogs is never a bad choice, and will get you your 3K by level 10. I personally like getting a force of nature in between those, just so I can use my abilities absolutely wantonly, and then go for Sunfire Cloak and then, if you’re feeling sadistic, get a Frozen Mallet, to stop your prey.
This section is a little vague, but that’s because health is expensive. The unfortunate side effect of playing mundo is that unless your game lasts a ridiculously long time, you wont have anything but boots and a warmogs by the end of the game. It’s more than enough if you build your runes and masteries right, but it precludes a definitive build. Basically, you want health and health regen more than anything. **** armor. Mundo Is too stupid for armor. You want to be able to take damage, mostly because you can just get your health back again whenever you ****ing want it!
Mundo is, as a whole, totally underrated. When people comment that he’s not up to high level play, I simply laugh at them: They haven’t yet been terrified by the sound of
“MUNDO!” Flying through the air.

Dr. Mundo is both terrifying and fun to play. My word of advice to people, even those who don’t like mundo, is this: Never underestimate him. It will likely result in your death!

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There's no denying that this kind of thing is how Mundo tanks, but it ignores so much of his potential. The problem with him is that he's nothing but a massive wall of HP, with nothing particularly dangerous. Masochism is a MONSTROUS damage boost, and the best way to make use of it is a Phantom Dancer. Everything on there is just what he needs to become terrifying, try it.

If you really want to make him scary, try this;

Regrowth pendant
Boots -> berserker's greaves
Finish up Warmog's.
Zeal -> Phantom Dancer
Atma's Impaler
Frozen Mallet
Anything you like, from Force of Nature to Bloodrazor.

or there's the good old fashioned Zeal stack.

Regrowth pendant
Boots -> berserker's greaves
Finish up Warmog's.
Atma's Impaler

then start upgrading them for biblical crits and ridiculously high movespeed. grab a lizard buff for extra goodness, and watch them run away. unfortunately, mundo suffers like most tanks do in early game, so you'll want a skill build something like this.

1) cleaver (Q)
2) masochism (E)
3) Q
4) burning agony (W)
5) Q
6) sadism (R)
7) Q
8) E
9) Q
10) E
11) R
12) E
13) E
14) W
15) W
16) R
17) W
18) W

if you can keep a low profile, and grab warmog's first, people will assume you are just another walking lump of meat.

that's what you want them to think.

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Senior Member


I would encourage you to expand on his shortcoming and his team role and how his itemization may alter depending on opponent's champion line-up. Some questions I would pose:

1. Is cooldown reduction useful on Mundo?
2. What should Mundo do in team fights (you have an elaborate section on solo fights)?
3. Mundo vs. stuns/slow (i.e. against ashe and jax)?
4. Heal reduction item/ability vs. Mundo and possible counter/mitigation (Gangplank, executioner's calling)

It seems that nowadays every guide speaks of its proclaimed hero as the best and most overpowered being in existence. However, we all know that proper counter is all that's needed to shatter the unrealistic hopes. An average guide would talk about how unstoppable the champion is given certain conditions, but an outstanding guide would talk about how others would counter you and what you can do to avoid it.

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As far as I can tell, in team fights Mundo should be on the other side of the map ripping down a tower.

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As far as I can tell, in team fights Mundo should be on the other side of the map ripping down a tower.

That's what *I* say but they always want me to tank ><

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Lemon Wizard

Junior Member


Thanks for the Feedback everyone! I added a small section to adress teamfights in the guide.

There's no denying that this kind of thing is how Mundo tanks, but it ignores so much of his potential.

It's true Mundo could probably be build to do damage, and there's no reason why it couldn't be badass, but don't underestimate the damage a Mundo can do with absolutely no extra attack power. A surprising amount of damage can come from Burning agony, a flat 100 per second. Alot of the time, (If masochism is on recharge, say) a Mundo can kill someone just by staying next to them, without even attacking!

Also, Infected Cleaver does a flat 25% damage. Throwing one of those, then closing with burning agony (or closing with burning agony and then throwing one of those) can do some serious pain.

if you DO manage to get scary health though...atma's impaler can be a LOT of fun I've never had a game last long enough to get it, but at the end of two warmogs it's a terror to behold


1. Is cooldown reduction useful on Mundo?
2. What should Mundo do in team fights (you have an elaborate section on solo fights)?
3. Mundo vs. stuns/slow (i.e. against ashe and jax)?
4. Heal reduction item/ability vs. Mundo and possible counter/mitigation (Gangplank, executioner's calling)

I didn't adress all of your ideas on the update mainly because their all good ideas and i'd have to mess around with them to be sure. I've considered cooldown reduction, and I suppose if you wanted to try the Mundo suggested with Masochism then it could be scary cool. However, I rejected it because of the same reasons I rejected pretty much everything else: Mundo doesn't need it.

Slows and Stuns you need to be careful about. At low levels, their lethal. At high levels, you can get reduced effect by turning on Burning agony during a chase. I also like buying Murcury treads if I expect to be running away. But ultimately, if you have support of your teamates, giving other people a target that's not as squishy as your friends can only be a good thing. You can usually hit your ult and run for it after it wears off.

So far, i've never even noticed heal reduction affect me. Maybe it's just a rare idea to buy, or maybe i'm just lucky. That one needs more research, I'd appreciate anyone who had any ideas on that.

Mundo's weaknesses are a fewfold. The largest one is levels 1-6. Without your health you are very VERY exposed. Avoid fighting melee dpsers at this point, because you can't survive for long against them. Instead, my favorite tactic is to stay behind someone with a range and just throw cleavers at them until you can take them. Nothing says **** YOU! like a cleaver in the forehead.

I'm not sure of other specific weaknesses in the build, but here are some people who have given me problems in the past:

I mentioned Soraka in the guide. She can be annoying.

Armor and Magic reducuction, or specifically Rammus. Armor tircks you into thinking he's just as squishy as everyone else. You charge in, and BAM, he's got you in his taunt. You use your fallback, the good old cleaver, and realize it's not taking away 25% health anymore! I have been screwed by him in the past, and my only advice is to try not to enguage him alone like the rest of the team.

I would appreciate any other thoughts to Mundo's weaknesses or anything else I forgot!

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Ok. So I am the procclaimed god mundo.
not self procclaimed just procclaimed.

ur build are all **** bag build ur not loookin hard enough into masteries and his skills and how they might effect each other.

defense tree is worthless tree for mundo. ( i have hit 8.5k hp on this hero) with no defense mastery.

healthregen and hp is **** runes.

red runes armor pen quintessence armor pen.
yellow runes your choice I use dodge.
blue runes CD reduction at lvl 18.

mastery is gonna be 9-0-21 if u cant understand this then like i said ur not seeing how he can benifit from this more than any other hero in the game period.

mundo crits for over 9000 when he has 1%hp.
i get most kills every game on mundo and tank and get most building kills almost every game. hes a 1 man monster.

end build is
warmog tabi force guardian.... u choose the other two items. but never start with a regrowth pendent worst ****ing item for mundo to start with try hp crystal much better.

summoner skills GHOST GHOST GHOST GHOST GHOST GHOST and what ever else. I use exhaust. mundo with utility tree force of nature+ninja tabi =439 ms. + ghost 550 something + sadism 590 600ish not sure.

mundo eats turrets. and I do all of the time take turrets out right infront of enemy heros beating on me.

mundos counters imo........ soraka can be a pain if your team is **** and ur fighting a loosing battle.

basically i would class heros in a few different ways when fighting against mundo....

u got the heros u can dominate with out moving.... just tank and spank... aka annie soraka any sort of class that just doesnt have crazzy melee dps and some sort of damage block.

u got heros u need to play with run away chase em down run away chase em down... like a beefy yii or tryndamere and definently tristana depending on the how the game goes.

then u got tanks basically they will take longer to kil than the tank and spank heros. but wont be able to damage u as much as u damage them. for they do not have infectd cleaver. wich dominates tanks hp.

bigggest counters to mundo IMO... Rammus (taunt) Tristana (no hp regen) zilean(this ****er can always get away 1v1 against most anyone with out crazzzzzy asss perma slow...) most all heros mundo can stand 1v1 or 2v1 tho if u are on a fairly equal gear and level set.

but for me i find i get most of my kills with less than 10% hp especially early game between lvl1-12 or so if my enemy has less than 900hp total they are done son. if i get low fighting two or three of them my masochism starts crittin for like 300 ish at lvl 4 or 5.

so in essence this is why i believe mundo to be op.
#1 he doesnt use mana and low CDS on all his abilities.
#2 you can build ur masterie to get benifiet from every single mastery point.
#3 he only needs one stat thats HP more hp u have the lower hp percent u can be but still have as much hp as a full life hero.
#4 masochism +199 damage what other hero can get a buff that gives +199 damage for 5 seconds? no hero.