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Just creating this a brainstorming for In-game music. These are not suggestions to put these artist's songs in the game rather a thread regarding adaptions of there riffs and segments that could give inspiration to LoL's music and audio teams.

I personally think that the start of Diary of Jane by Breaking Benjamin is very suitable to a continuous tune and could also have a "pump up" riff in-between when there are large champion battles happening at once.

A faster version of AFI's Leaving song riff could be used in some way it has a steady pace however for in-game music it would have to be adapted.

Teagan & Sara - back in your hand has a good sort of up-beat tune that could be adapted.

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you're a regular muse . . . i'm sure you've solved all the audio team's problems with this post.

on a more serious note, you can't really expect your musical taste to appeal to everyone and provide inspiration? i most respectfully say that you're being short-sighted and self-centered as far as your taste goes.

however, those are some great songs imo for their respective genres.