How do you build Sivir now?

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I've been testing ap builds out a bit, and i wonder why i didn't try it sooner. Boomerang blade hitting for 1k+ is op and will kill creep waves much faster then bouncing blade spam. Its much more mana friendly, and you can kill players much easier. I go Arm pen/ force runebook, and usually take either exhaust/ignite or rally/exhaust. Items are the part i'm still a little leery about .
Haunting guise>Berserker's greaves>sheen>Nashors tooth> (this is where it gets fishy ) sheen to lichbane>Rage blade(bouncing blades procs it off minions when you attack towers) if not zhonya's ring

21/0/9 masteries Try to get the jungle buffs if possible. Play style stays mostly the same, harass with boom blade and have fun as it one shots creep waves. I tend to max bouncing blades last with this build. If anyone else has been trying this out add what you want to the basic idea, if you haven't done this yet do yourself the favor and get on it !
Exactly what are your runes/items/masteries? I am uncertain what items you are getting to give you 1k damage on spiral blade.