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Looking for 3v3 League Premade

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Junior Member


Game name is Santanico, Level 30 149 wins
Can play Cho'gath, Malphite, Veiger, Karthus, NuNu all pretty well.
Can play any toon, and willing to learn anything for the team.
I have vent/ mic
Looking to be in a High Elo Premade , I am willing to try out if need be.
Live in Chicago, U.S Central standard time
Available all weekend , mon-tue 7:00am-12:00pm
I am 37 years old and I'am looking for a mature group that loves to win.
Also a 5vs5 premade is fine.
Thank you

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Senior Member


I would be intrested in taking you up on that offer, I run with a premade team consisting of a twitch, shaco, karthus, singed/nasus and we are looking for a fifth preferbly a tank. I see you like maplhite and chogath. We are all mid 20's+ all varying time zones and semi international. we tend to play late evening early night. If your interested contact me in game. I sent you a friend request!