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Question about Minnow/Shark

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Is this still going on? Now that i am level 30 and have a lot of experience with the game, i would love to engage in shark/minnow and train minnows.

One question. I have already purchased both the online-collectors pack and the store champion pack. i am not going to run minnow sessions for the champion pack or even rp.

I used to get extremely mad at the dota set up where new people were never allowed to even download the game, thereby slowly murdering the community (on roc). I did run games to let noobs dl the map and learn the game.

i want noobs to learn the game as fast as possible. And as soon as i am done my exams (16th...YES) i will run some.

If, and this is a big if, i get a minnow reward, would riot be willing to sub the retail edition for the collectors edition? i would want it simply for the skins.

Anyway, i do not really care about getting reward. i have plenty of money for RP and already own all the heroes. i am just wondering if i could finagle a kayle skin if i happened to get a reward. if not that is totally fine.