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It's all....windowy

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The front end is a bit overly windowy at times.

You've got the main window which takes up the most screen real estate, and rightfully so.
You've got the buddies list that pops up, I generally throw it to one side a la Steam.
Then someone sends you a chat message and another window pops up for that.
And all this time, you're shuffling the windows around looking for the game invite a buddy send you that's buried under there somewhere.

It'd be nice to have some kind of priority settings for the windows so that we can choose what pops over, what pops under, and maybe where it pops up.

I'd like to avoid the front-end becoming one, big, all-encompassing screen though as I've become very fond of the "animation" of a game starting. When all the windows are mass-minimized/stripped from your desktop and replaced by the game loader. It's a neat, perhaps unintended, effect.