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Master Yi, Jungler and Ganker

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This is gonna be a work in progress don't have much time now.

i will only list my suggested Item build

Long Sword->Madred's Razors(This helps kill minions)

The moment you get 585 gold(enough to upgrade to the razors) port back to town and buy them. Start jungling(should be lvl 3, or lvl 2 if you can get a quick kill)

Priority on abilities.

1. Wuju Style
2. Highlander
3. Alpha Strike
4. Meditate

Next item should be Vampire Scepter for the lifesteal(this keeps you out longer)
Next is Berserker greaves to get you to your targets faster(and attack speed)
Next upgrade your Scepter to a malady (attack speed and lifesteal)(faster attacks in essence increase your lifesteal)
Executioners Calling should be next.. More lifesteal, plus it helps tremendously with ganks
Your next two(up to choice in what order) Phantom dancer and Infinity edge
From here upgrade the only item left.. your Razors to the Blood Razor

Madreds razor
Berserker greaves
Executioners Calling
Phantom Dancer
Infinity Edge
Madred's Bloodrazors

With this build you can take the golem and lizard as soon as you have the scepter, and you can take dragon at level 6 without using highlander(go in with full health though)

You can solo Baron at 17-18 depending on how far along you are with items

the important item is phantom dancer.. thats the one that helps take baron.

I will edit this guide over time, but this is my start

Important info.

your first 3 items need to be, Longsword->Razors->Scepter,
this lets you start jungling at lvl 3

Make sure that your lane partner for the first 3 levels is fully capable of soloing when you leave. This build falls apart if they feed.

Also, wuju style is way more important to level than alpha strike.

Wuju style= Great jungling
Alpha Strike= Great Lane minion kills.

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Reverse Sejuani

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Madred's btw. Not mordred

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yeesh lol