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Appeal to the Community.

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My last games since the patch (and after the huge win streak past the people who don't know how to play at all), I haven't been able to win a single match. Not only have I not been able to win a single match, but all of my matches have been complete losses. We could kill maybe 2 turrets and get maybe 5 kills then get rolled.

I play in premades of 3 to 5 players, and the teams that we go against are almost always pure damage dealers which drop us every team fight in 2 to 4 seconds. We can sometimes win against them in team fights with some staggered CC tactics to evade cleanse then push. We always do balanced teams, but they seem completely useless now, and I mean they really seem useless.

None of us are absolutely horrible except on the matches where we just screw around, and we also don't want to just play pure damage dealers every game to be viable, because that's so completely boring. On occasion we do a pusher team, and it is fairly effective, but again the pure damage dealing team always beats us towards the end as their carries finally get up to par (since we always put our two best combination against whatever carry lane we're against to suppress it).

One problem I know I personally have on the team is that I play as Alistar and Morgana, both of which cannot supply much damage due to the damage immunity of cleanse and due to my usual attempt at being support (even though support seems to mean nothing when against full damage dealing teams.

I'm not really QQing about damage dealing teams or really QQing at all. I would really just like to win at least 1 game in 5. I haven't gotten the first win of the day bonus in three days now. We get rolled by massive pushing teams as well, though in that case we actually stand a chance since we win team battles and force them to only be able to push and attempt to gank their pusher with our damage dealer or hold them off with our tank.

Like I said in the title, I'm appealing to the community for some help on how to play now (since the patch, **** towers, snowballing items, and uber cleanse). Any advice on what are useful builds on Alistar and Morgana now? Any useful advice on what was once a balanced team can do against different types of teams? (Yes I know stacking magic res does help against against pure caster teams, and we do know about luring and running out of aoe type teams. Those aren't the problems so much even if caster heavy dps still rapes us regardless of items).

Tips on what to do in battles with Alistar is useful too, but I'm mostly just having trouble with item builds. Nothing I try on him is viable against pushers or dpsers besides the occasional flash and slam to disable before they can cleanse to setup my dpsers attacks...

Go ahead and get the L2P out of your systems, though it's dumb in this case as I'm literally asking you to help me learn to play, but w/e.