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how to win against 5 gankers?

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I've being losing most of the time whenever i'm playing against many gankers on the opposite team. How should my team be constructed in those situations inorder to beat them (besides picking 5 gankers on our side also)?

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In The WCIII aos, rather then facing those gankers, you would attempt to stun and run, before farming a bit to try and become strong enough so they can't gank you.

Now, i don't know if that will work in LoL, but honestly, when you're up against five gankers, the best thing to do is probably run as soon as you see them, and ask your allies to keep you posted if any of the enemy heroes go missing.

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There isn't really a 100% "win" strategy against 5 man gankers.
The game is a team effort, everybody has to pull their weight and work as a team.

I don't find 5 man gank squads a huge problem. It only becomes a problem when your team is dumb, at which point the 5 man gank players get fed and own every single tower when your team has nobody alive to defend.

Basically, 5 man squads are easy to keep track of, and easy to predict who their next target is.

I think the best thing to do is ignore them and try to avoid them.

Eventually they'll go and push a tower like middle if there's nobody pushing solo/duo for them to gank, make sure 4 of your teammates are defending it, in which case if you guys are on par with them you should be able to fend them off (if nobody is dumb enough to rush outside the tower area, while 1 teammate goes and mops up their lane while nobody is defending their ****.

Unless your team is better at team fights than them there's no way to "win" by screwing around randomly
Just gotta wait it out until they make their move.

Of course this is all my opinion, I have no idea what my ELO is so I'm no pro or anything