[video Guide] Jungle Udyr

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How you jungle is up to you. Don't rely fully on the video, you need to get yourself into the practice games and practice jungling. I've been experimenting all kinds of way to jungle since with the new turtle nerf, udyr is really hard to lane in early games.

Runes: (debatable)
Mark: Greater mark of Malice (crit chance)
Seal: Greater seal of evasion (dodge)
Glyph: Greater glyph of clarity (mana regen scale per lvl)
quint: Greater quintessence of wisdom (exp) *good with zilean on your team*

Skill Build:

1) Phoenix Stance (R)
2) Turtle Stance (W)
3) Turtle Stance (W)
4) Bear Stance (E) - at this stage you are about to get into enemy's jungle, better get prepared
5) Turtle Stance (W) - this one is debatable if the enemies are still laning go ahead and raise turtle. now you can kill dragon other wise go phoenix instead
6) Pheonix Stance (R)
7) Pheonix Stance (R)
8) Turtle Stance (W)
9) phoenix stance (R)
10) Turtle Stance (W) - maxed out
11) Phoenix Stance (R) - maxed out
12) Bear Stance (E)
13) Bear Stance (E)
14) Bear Stance (E)
15) Bear Stance (E) - maxed out
16) Tiger Stance (Q)
17) Tiger Stance (Q)
18) Tiger Stance (Q) - no one cares about tiger stance :}

Item Build:
1) Cloth Armor + 5 potions OR if you are in danger doing golem first start out with other ones, get 3 health potions and a mana pot
2) Madred's Razors
3) Berserker's Greaves
4) Sheen
5) catalyst
6) Trinity Force
7) madred's bloodrazor
8) Frozen Mallet
9) Banshee (optional) get it anytime you need it

Summoner Abilities:
1) Smite - must for junglers
2) Flash - need more jukes in jungle

Offense - 21 (i spec 1 point on plentiful bounty because when you finish doing dragon and B, you can buy madred's razor and tier 1 boots)
Defense - 0
Utility - 9 ( i get 4 points on awareness for exp boost and 1 point on utility master to increase the duration for blue/red buff)