How can we get more developers onboard?

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miranda please

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Hi there, I'd like to pose a question to those of you who play LoL primarily on mac OS X: how can we get more of the extensions/add-ons that are being developed for LoL, to be Mac-inclusive? All of the developers I've seen so far are very shortsighted on the issue, and barely acknowledge our existence. LoLReplay is probably the most noteworthy example, having plenty of time to port their program to OS X, but simply refusing to do so because they don't think it's worth it. So, how can we get these people to open up to the idea that their work is just as important to those of us on OS X as it is to their Windows-using players?

I'd be extra curious to hear the thoughts of a Rioter on this issue, too.

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I am a developer, and I play primarily on the mac, and I've developed addons for several games. I will not develop addons/extensions for this game.

They do not provide us with an API to develop against, and as such any addons/extensions developed are simply hacks, and can have detrimental effects. As an example, LoLReplay has been causing crashes on the windows side for a while now.

Their official stance on many of the addons out there seem to be on a case by case basis, and usually amounts to either "this is bannable" or "we have no official stance, we'll let you know if this changes".

That said, there are plenty of develpers who do work on Mac addons, perhaps you should go take a look.


Also, in case you're not aware, LoLReplay has an official implementation im place on the test server, and it should be rolled out soon. Recommended Item Changer has an official implementation going live in a few hours.