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Freezing in game

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Not sure if this is an issue with the Mac client or my computer, but occasionally my game will entirely freeze in game. Sound still plays, but none of my buttons respond. Everything else seems to work, although I can't Command-Tab out of the screen. I can still hear and speak through Skype, etc. The only way I can find to get out of it is restarting my computer. This happens randomly, without any sort of lag preceding it.

Anyone else find this happening?

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I have exactly the same issue on a Mac Mini. It most frequently freezes like this the second before I die, though it does occasionally at random other times. No Bugsplat or anything.

I have found that cmd-option-esc will eventually get you out of the game. and back to the main screen, where it warns you about leaving the game, but reconnect is not clickable. You have to quit the client entirely in order to get back into game.