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Merging free account with bought game?

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Junior Member


Hi everyone, I downloaded this game for free a few months ago and have saved up quite a bit of IP. What I am wanting to do is to buy the game, so i get the champion pack that cmoes with it. If I go to the shop and physically buy it is there a way to merge my free account with it and get the champions on this account?

Also if it is possible to merge, is it also possible to buy the game inline, via the riot store for the same reward?


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If you buy the box in the store, it gives you a code which you HAVE to enter into an existing account, so yes. You can buy the same pack online with RP but it's usually $10 cheaper to buy it through Amazon or in a store. The only difference is which free skin you get. The store version gives you a silver Kayle (which I love) and the RP version gives you Goth Annie (which is also cool).