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Looking for that clan

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Hey I am looking for slightly more competitive friends to play with, I played in beta and have between a 1.4-1.5 win/loss ratio. (Not sure if thats super bad or not but its positive enough to be worth noting). I main Singed or Eve, I'm half decent with Morgana, taric, and Soraka and I'm really aggressive. I know the champion abilities for every hero so I can plan ahead during fights and it inevitably works to my advantage.

What I am not looking for--->
Teams that haven't worked together before I join, I am good at figuring out the synergy of teams and being cohesive to that. I am not looking to join a team and carry them to victory or join them in the getting ****ped on fest until we "figure things out".

Elitists. I like to have fun and when something happens in game whether its my fault or someone elses I don't want internet rage flying at me. I know when i have made a mistake and am open to critism if its due not until then. This doubles for how we treat other teams. I am about sportsmanship.

People who can't change their ways. Patches are going to come out and things will change. I don't want a team who sticks with that champion that was good "back in the day" that sucks now, or that player who keeps playing that same champion that gets destroyed in higher levels of play. (Kat, Nunu etc)

What I am looking for:

Fun team mates. Some people that can joke around in game.

Aggressive team mates... If you arent aggressive and can't troll early game i DO NOT want to lane with you...especially on singed and on eve im going to harass them a bit and if they are ready for it they are going to double that damage back at me. Strong harassers make things better and set our lane up for ganks.

Cohesive team. I don't want to run 5 squishies or 3 tanks on a team. A solid 5 man comp is prioirty!

If you want a good team mate let me know and I'll definately give everyone a shot just add me.