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What to look for in items?

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Love this game - need help with itemization. I feel that I do fine against most players, but that there are a lot of players that are clearly better than me, and I think it's their choice of items that tips the scales.

I'm still pretty new, so I don't have any preplanned item goals yet and usually just go with what is recommended for each class. Help me out if you can.

1) Are the recommendations generally bad?

2) Are there universal stat priorities? i.e. everyone stacks health, or armor, etc.

3) Are there archetype priorities? i.e. defense for melee, movement speed for ranged?

4) Can someone give an example of stat priority for a specific character to see if that helps me understand better. I don't need to know which items necessarily, but if someone said Character X needs A, B, and C for this reason.

Thanks for your help!

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There really arent too many recommendations that people can make. Heroes are more complex, so a person can go Ability power or damage on a hero (like teemo, twisted fate, and others). Same goes with AP/tank on someone like Cho'gath. There is a lot of customization that can be done.

My general advice is that you cant try to be way too balanced. If you're going AP teemo, go major AP. Don't try to go half and half. Same thing with Sion. You really have to find out what works for your play style.

The guides that people write are rather good for seeing different perspectives on how to buy items and play heroes.