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Would you pay cash for art?

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Would you ever pay cash ( or riot points? LOL ) to commission an artist to draw something for you?

Such as:

An original league of legends champion you've come up with
An original skin idea you've thought of
A certain pairing of league champions, such as two certain enemies fighting it out, or two champions you like as a pairing for relationship etc.
Yes even hentai of certain champions you'd enjoy being together, doing whatever the hell you want them to do, etc.

Would you every pay cash ( Paypal etc) or riot point cards/gifting in game, for something being drawn for you?

If yes, how much would you be willing to spend? 5$ 10$ or more? Now this question also has to factor in the quality of the art, so as a reference the image below will give you an idea of my art skills, and then you can decide how much you'd be willing to pay for it. (I'll put a few different things up so you'll have a better idea of my art quality. )





Anyways thanks for checking this out, I'm hoping if I get some good responses I'll be able to take some commissions, because moneys tight right now and debts a beotch! Lol! Please post if you're somewhat interested in commissioning me! Thanks! <3

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Those works are pretty good!
I wouldn't mind paying 15-20$ for a piece made for me.^^

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oh absolutely. but here lies the problem: what you think I want and what I might want can be two completely different things... and if I don't get something close to what I want, why pay you in the first place?

it's a gamble a lot of people don't like to take.

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Nah I prefer to be the one doing commissions. Hehe.
Nice art though. Do you have a dA?

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I would probably pay up to $10 in riot points because it's either that, or $25 :P

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I'd say for the current level $5-$10 sounds about right, since there isn't a background and the style is a tad niche. A lower price would be able to attract more eyes, and once you establish a loyal customer base that doubles as the center of your fanbase, you can up your prices for pieces with backgrounds and look for changes.