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Heimdeer and how to use him (coz remember... his turets arent meant for Hero killing)

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Hey everybody ive seen a Thread about someone who wanted Heimdeer's skillz different though i guess that would make him too strong after the matcher i've played with him.

Coz he is strong as he is.

At the start of every match always take the Turrets as oyure starter skill plus the AP book.

The AP book makes the turret stronger meaning more kills meaning more money meaning more items quicker coz beleave me as Heimdeer you're gonna need some money to start with.

Try not to place the turrets too close to the battlefield so the enemy hero has a hard time destroying it coz he will be in dangour zone.

The items for Heimdeer that are HIGHLY recommended in my session of play are the Dragons Tooth (if its called that) the golden sword it is. even though it gives you faster ATTK speed dont mind it. It gives you 30% faster recharge more AP and some more mana. though miond the recharge coz it will be as handy as lollypops in Hell.

as second skill you will be needing the handgrenade though its not necessary to use it coz it will only drain mana. Though becoz of the faster cast rate you can cast more turrets after eachother but also upgrade them faster.

After buying the Dragons Tooth try focussing on some mana Recharge but mostly AP power. (also recommended: the magic wand that makes your spells penetrate 40% of the enemys magic defense)

after having some AP, magic penetration, and ocourse the almighty faster cast rate your readdy to rumble.

after deploying a turret dont just wonder of upgrading it with no reason. like 5 secs or summing after upgrading it it will have 100% faster ATTK speed and kill even kill heroes this way if they're not paying attention though DONT USE EM IN HIGH COMBAT. just put them behind you and when the enemy starts chasing you he'll have a turretly surprise shooting in his face (reminder: turrets recharge all of their HP when upgraded and is very handy to use even if its alreaddy at lvl 3... coz it will still attk 100% faster for a while)

The grenade will be as devestating as a pogo stick riding a piggy back.
and can be used pretty fast everytime again coz you know you've been working on youre Racharge time (and MUCHA AP points plus the Magic penetrating staff does half the work alreaddy).

the rockets ar handy for running away enemys coz it has much reach though if there are any other heroes near youre not secure of all 5 rockets flying his way though dont worry.

you can kill the other hero wit hease aswell with a single grenade and sometmies running towards your turrets.

As i wanna say in this Thread, Heimdeer is a hard to play hero just as Udyr but they'r eable to be strong and devestating. there's no need to make Heimdeer stronger coz it will make him too strong (just learn to play with him and you'lle say the same as i do)

Warm greetings from me

Please only commant when you have something to say of value.