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Junior Member


Hey there Riot guys and girls.

I know this is already an annoying question But us peasants are still waiting and wondering about this Mac thing...?

See we common folk, us simple people who are kind of waiting in your shadow for any kind of info you could maybe give us about when the client is coming out..?

any info, hint even rumors would be appreciated...I mean just water cooler talk when do you think it is coming out....anything, you can even lie to me just tell me something


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this is killing me... i been waiting since LOL coming to mac was announced, for some months there was no news about this project but then mac testing was announced and no news since then...a very estimate of when will it be out would be appreciated

(in the other hand i think i know why u guys wouldn't say anything about the release date.
in case that the project were to be delayed even further players would complain and whine about this "estimated release date"...so in other words is players fault the lack of response from riot) <--- mere theory