WTB Moar Blob People

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There are no purple blobs and that upsets me. Therefore, this guy needs to be added. :D

(Whatever his name is!)
[The Giant Blob... guy...thing...] (You B4sterds come up with something)

Now let's see... throw in some tank-age and a teeny bit of DPS and voila! Chog stats! Oh, and make him not have mana kthx!

And lets have him... oh... Passively steal .5%Max HP of everything in a 500 radius... Add that to his heap...

Now let's Q for a slime chuck-age, pulling in and swallowing champions whole dealing 50/150/250/350/500 damage over 5 seconds. (See Pudge Hook+Ult). Lets call that... [Om Noms] Oh, the AP stack is 1:1 (per second) and CD is 15 seconds.

W for flash with a 9/8/7/6/5 second CD reducing all CDs by .5/.2/.7/2/3 seconds. We'll just call this [Blink]

E for another flash with a 7/6/5/4/3 second CD, that reduces the CD on the W by 1/2/3/4/5.5 seconds. This one will be [Wink]

Aaaaand lets have his ult be a passive that increases his attack speed by 20/30/40, HP Regen by 10/20/30HP/5, after use of any ability. (stackable up to 10) and his Q absorbs 35/65/85% of damage dealt. It shall be called [Over 9000]. Because that's how many times you will want to roll this character.

Sounds perfect to me. Thoughts?