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Malphite Rune Build...

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Senior Member


Is this a good rune build for Malphite? Keep in mind I just hit lvl 20.

all the runes are tier 3:

6 Magic Resist Runes (@1.56 MR/ea)= 9.4 MR
6 Armor Runes (@1.56 Armor/ea) = 9.4 armor
6 Armor Penetration Runes (@1.96 ArmorPen/ea) = ~12 ArmorPen

Quintessense of Greater Warding = 4.74 MR
Quintessense of Resilience = 4.74 armor


14 Armor
14 MR

EDIT: I use Malphite as a tank (who doesnt?) but just had to add that...

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It's decent, AR + MR will benefit from Malphite's passive. Although more AR will strengthen his thrid skill. In the end it's really up to you and your playstyle.

I personally though, don't invest on defensive runes, my theory is that you're not always the target esp. when you're playing as a tank. But I have to admit, I play Malphite as an attacker sometimes, it's fun. Gotta love Armor Pen + Brutal strikes.