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Suggestion to Help Udyr

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The Bacon Dragon

Senior Member


Taking a look at Udyr's skill set and passive, why not just give an extra passive for the

stance you had on previously to the one you currently have activated?

I'll explain.

Say you level Turtle and Bear first up to champion level 5, you decide to put 3

into bear and 2 into turtle. The extra passive from bear will become active with the shield

from turtle in that as soon as the shield is destroyed it will release a small aoe stun to

surrounding enemies in melee range. Imagine the same for a Phoenix shield and

a small multiple hit aoe with Tiger.

Now if you level Turtle up to 3 instead, then every time you gain a stunning hit, you can

gain health and mana from that hit. The same with Tiger and with Phoenix a small

percentage of health/mana for each unit damaged and how much damage.

Now imagine this kind of power with the other skills. These passives would

not be accessible until the third level of each skill. This will make Udyr a little more

complicated, but it will give him another edge that will keep opponents guessing on the