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[Champion Concept] Gustavo, the Magnificent Ringmaster

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Gustavo, the Magnificent Ringmaster

Lore: Gustavo was born into the circus life. His mother, a tightrope walker, and his father, a lion tamer, encouraged their young son to try all of the circus acts, including fire-breathing and human cannonballing. Gustavo's sharp mind and deft skill allowed him to quickly pick up and master all of the acts he attempted, which truly delighted his parents. His first act as a paid performer was with his parents' circus at the age of 10. He starred as "Gustavo the Boy of Many Talents," showcasing all of his tricks and skill he had quickly accumulated. His flawless performance and skill awed many, which drew much attention from the High Council of Noxus. Some saw the potential for which his circus acts could be adapted for combat. After two years of performances and rigorous training, Katarina de Couteau and Draven, the Glorious Executioner approached him one day after a show. They offered him a place in the Noxus military in exchange for the funding for his own circus. How could he refuse? He accepted, and with Draven and Shaco the Demon Jester, he created a deadly circus that will entertainingly rip his opposition to shreds. Literally


Passive: Ringmaster
Gustavo revels in the spotlight, giving him increased health and mana regen every time he attacks an enemy minion or champion
Note: Exact regen not worked out, how do you calculate this stuff?

Q: Lion Tamer
Gustavo sends forth a lion to attack all enemies in a short line
Note: skillshot nuke, like Corki's ult

W: Flaming Hoops
Gustavo places a flaming hoop at target location, slowing and burning all enemies that pass through it while applying a burn effect to your allies' basic attacks who pass through it for a short time. If Lion Tamer goes through a hoop and hits an enemy, the lion is ignited, leaving a small trail of fire behind it and briefly stunning any champions hit. Also, if Gustavo goes though a ring after being fired from Human Cannonball his impact point (similar to Tristana's rocket jump) is lit ablaze, slowing and burning all enemies in its radius.

E: Human Cannonball
Gustavo climbs into a cannon and lights it, and after a brief delay is fired toward target location, dealing damage to any enemies near the impact zone.
Note: Self explanatory, escape tool and chase tool

R: The Big Top
Gustavo calls down a circus tent on target location, trapping everything in its radius within it. The tent does initial damage upon impact and Gustavo's attacks on enemies within the tent have increased spell vamp and damage.
Note: The ultimate has the effect of Jarvan's ult, but is ranged. The tent can be dismantled by reactivating the ability