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[Champion concept] Diego, the High Inquisitor

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Tags; melee, fighter, support

Basic attack
Lashes out with his whip.

Passive- Zealous Focus
Duration of any cc cast on him is reduced by fifteen percent.

Q- Flay (skillshot)
Whip lashes out dealing physical damage, a slow and a small bleeding effect to all enemies hit.

W- Interrogation
Animation- strikes with torch, setting the target aflame.
Supresses target champion for 1.5 seconds, deals a small amount of physical damage and applies grievous wounds.

E- Superstition
Passive- incoming magic damage is reduced.
Active- deals bonus damage to champions based on a percentage of their AP.

R- Punish The Heretic
Binds target champion for 3 seconds. Half of all magic damage dealt by that champion for the duration of the bind is dealt to that champion as true damage.

“Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition…”

“Wherever you hide, I will find you.”

Crouches and flagellates himself.

On selection- “Together we will burn out the heretics.”

Movement- “For the love of the god.”
- “No rest for the wicked.”
- “Judgement is coming.”
- “For the good of all.”
- “There is still time to pray.”
- “I have all the time in the world.”
- “The god’s wrath is inexorable.”

Attack- “I know you for what you are.”
- “Why do they always run?”
- “Mercy is for the penitent.”

On death- “My work is not yet complete!”

Diego was born and raised in a small village with his loving family of mother, father and sister. He was a bright, happy child, who showed promise of becoming a talented carpenter. When he was 17, two wandering mages had a quarrel in the village and it came to a duel. Though the two mages reconciled themselves before destroying each other and went their separate ways, Diego’s sister was caught in the magical crossfire and killed. His mother and father went into deep mourning and he himself left the village and was unseen for ten years.
When Diego returned, he was a man changed. He had found a new, harsher deity, and had a holy mission to eradicate all magic from the world. The new Diego was hard, cold and cruel, and relentless in the pursuit of his calling. He went directly to the Institute of War, feeling a pull to a place which was home to so much hostile magic. Quickly proving to be a precise killer and an implacable opponent, he was called forth to join the League of Legends, where his war on magic truly began.

Tall, thin man with sallow skin and a severe face. Dark curly hair sweeps back from his temples and he is clean-shaven. A long scar runs from just below his left eye to the top of his neck, and he has numerous smaller scars. When he smiles, it is cold and chilling. He wears red priest robes with a plain cross hanging on his chest, and carries a long whip and a flaming torch. He has a Spanish accent.

Skin - Matador Diego
Wearing a matador outfit- black and red suit, black matador hat and long red boots- with a Draven moustache, and holding a red cape and a rapier. Hidden passive- Matador Diego deals 1 bonus damage with all abilities and basic attacks to Alistair.

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Junior Member


Cool idea. Slightly creepy though.