Andam, The Tonfa Master

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Health: High
Attack: Low
Spell: Medium
Difficulty: 50-80

Stats: (Bracketed numbers is gain per level)
Health: 500 (+55)
Health Regeneration: +10 per 5 seconds (+0.5)
Mana: 500 (+35)
Mana Regeneration: +8 per 5 seconds (+0.5)
Attack Speed: 0.7
Attack Damage: 50 (+3)
Movement Speed: 305
Armor: 25 (+3)


Passive: (Tonfa Barrage): Andam gains 1 stack of Tonfa barrage every time he basic attacks an enemy. Andam gains bonuses depending on how many stacks he has. Andam loses 1 stack if he switches targets.

3 Stacks: +10% Attack Speed
5 Stacks: +20% Attack Speed
8 Stacks: 35% Attack Speed, Andam's basic attacks also leap him a small distance towards the target.

Q. (Lead the Charge): After a 1 second charge Andam charges forward, dealing 100/140/185/210/235 (+75% AD)(+50% Bonus Armor) physical damage to all units he passes through as well as knocking them aside.
CD: 8/8/8/8/8
Mana Cost: 80/80/80/80/80

W. (The Best Offense...): Andam spins his tonfa around him, knocking back all enemies and dealing 4%(+5% AD) of their current health. He can then activate a Good Defense within the next 6 seconds if he hit an enemy. a Good Defense: Andam protects himself with his tonfa, increasing his armor and magic resist by 10/20/30/40/50 for 5 seconds. He loses 20 attack damage but enemies that attack him are dealt 50/80/120/140/175 (+100% bonus armor)(+45% AD) physical damage.
CD: 14/14/13/12/12
Mana Cost: 80/80/80/80/80

E. (New, Unknown Magic): Andam flashes his weapons forward, firing a random type of energy, dealing 120/160/200/215/255 (+75% AP) magic damage, but deals 10% less damage to each enemy after the first (Cap at 50%). It also gains a bonus effect.

Burning Energy (1st Cast): Burns for 5% of their maximum health over 4 seconds.
Searing Lightning (2nd Cast): Slows all hit by 25%
Purge (3rd Cast): Reduces armor and magic resist by 5/8/10/12/15%.
CD: 12/12/12/12/12
Mana Cost: 100/100/100/100/100

R. (Take the Ground from Them): Andam channels the spirits of the earth. Deals 300% of his attack damage to an enemy champion and knocks them back 600/800/1200 distance. The target also has their armor and magic resist reduced by 25/30/45%.

CD: 100/90/80
Mana Cost: 120/120/120

IP: 6300
RP: 975