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(Item Concept) BloodBurn Machete and Chaining Blade

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Useful item for both jungler and top laner....Maybe bot but never mid.
45 Attack Damage
15 magic resist
15 armor

Passive:(Rising Agony): Basic attacks heals you for 10% of your attack damage and 2% of your life steal.

Unique Passive: Basic attacks on minion heals you for 40% of your attack damage and has a 25% chance of dealing 300 damage to a minion,monster,etc.
This item is more of a useful item for adc.

80 Attack damage
5% Spell Vamp
10% Life Steal

Passive:(Chaining storm):Basic attack on enemies bind them with a chain that spread within all enemies near him.Additionally the chains decrease all enemies armor,magic resist and movement speed by 15%.