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Stratwik, The Scrap King (Character Idea)

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VitalSuit Alpha



I had an Idea of Stratwik, the Scrap King... He is the King of Scrap Metal and has the ability to manipulate metal and will it into whatever for he wishes... I was also thinking that his voice should be gruff and his attitude should be joking but somewhat intimidating... I have the abilities though out too.
Passive: Critical Hits deal a % of a foes health in blood loss dmg.
Q: Stratwik magnetizes scrap metal to his hand in the shape of a blade and charges and strikes an enemy, if the target is below 30% health, the blade bursts applies a bleed effect...

W: Stratwik conjures up a scrap metal rifle which he can 3 metal spikes consecutively out of before if falls apart...

E: Stratwik fuses a large metal wad on both of his hand, he then pounds the ground one, knocking foes away and silencing them...

R: Stratwik absorbs all metallic substances around him and becomes a giant scrap metal a juggernaut, he now had increased armor and health...

I've included a drawing I made in like 2 minutes of what he should sort of look kinda like...