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Contego: The Sacrificial Defender

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Bub Omb



In Contego’s more spirituous days, he lived in Piltover. He was a young man with a passion for the world. He lived to work and always preformed to his absolute greatest. Having lost his parents in the past he lived with a great friend of his fathers, Corin Reveck. The man’s daughter was the world to him, and soon became just as important to Contego as well. But Piltover, as anywhere else, was not exempt from tragedy. Thanks to Piltovers’ sheriff, Caitlyn, crimes were always kept at a minimum. However, one individual cannot hold an entire city. When a group of mercenaries had arrived at Corin’s home to take hostage one who was said to be training for the League, Contego stepped in to defend. Corin, his daughter, and Contego fought off the bandits with nothing more than their fists, desperately waiting for Caitlyn to arrive. Knowing she needed to act fast, Caitlyn took aim from miles away; targeting a bandit she could see through the window. Contego noticed the red laser protruding from Caitlyn’s gun and aimed at the square of the mercenary’s back. He moved as quickly as he could to get in front of the bandit but he was too slow. The shot tore through the mercenary and landed in Corin’s skull behind him. Contego looked to the dead thug lying dead behind him, at Corin in front of him, and at the gaping hole in his torso.
The medical research in Piltover was able to save Contego’s life, but nothing could be done for Corin. Contego was distraught, for Corin’s daughter had recently suffered from a tragedy, and Corin had been doing everything in his efforts to rebuild her, Orianna, in as much of a life like representation as possible. However with Corin’s genius now gone, the robotic form was not ever completed. Contego set out in attempt to accomplish Orianna’s dream of entering the League. Contego pursued her dream until he found his way at the League’s gate. Contego keeps to himself for the most part, but can be occasionally found trying to socialize with the robotic shell Corin created to represent Orianna. On the battlefield, Contego vows never to let an ally fall.

Passive: Endurance. All incoming damage, with stamina still in the bar, is taken from the stamina before any damage is taken from hp.

Q: Guardian Aura: Passive: Gain 0.1 movement for every point of stamina left in the bar.
Active: Cost: (23, 25, 28, 32, 37) stamina. Surrounding allies gain (5, 10, 15, 20, 25) + (.25 x AP) to stats for 3 seconds (AD, AP, HP, HP regen, mana regen, armor, resistance, ¼ bonus to move speed)
W: Perseverance. Cost: 10 stamina. Duration: (5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10) seconds. If activated in combat, auto attacks restore stamina at a rate of (5, 10, 15, 20, 25) + (.2 x AP). If activated outside of combat, the stamina bar is restored at a faster rate (5, 10, 15, 20, 25) + (.1 x AP) per second.
E: Luminescent Judgment. Passive: Gain 10 movement speed for every allied champion below half hp.
Active: Cost: 25 stamina. Select an area on the map (large range). A grid of swords (2x2, 2x3, 3x3, 3x4, 4x4) fall from the sky to slow movement speed of enemy units by (.1 x AP)%.
R: Savior. Cost: 50 stamina. Mark one ally champion (anywhere on the map). After channeling (3,2,1 seconds) the champion is impervious to all incoming damage while marked (7,10,13 seconds). While the champion is marked all damage taken by that champion is applied to you. The mark wears off if you die, or if you enter your fountain or become untargetable. If you are alive when the mark wears off by time, then the cool down is refreshed.

Hidden passive: +2 attack if Orianna is on your team
-1 movement for every Caitlyn in the game
Starting Stats
HP: 300
Stamina: 150 +50 per level
Movement: 320

Laugh: laughs and a bullet flies through the hole in his torso, “HA, Missed me”, continues to laugh
Death: Bow head, arms go limp, and stop moving, continue to stand lifeless.
Joke: “I’ll take you down with my bare hands” looks at hands. Appear to be bear hands. “AH, WHAT THE?”
“Please stop killing people on my team, it’s not very nice.”
Taunt: “If I had one gold for every brain you don’t have, I’d have one gold.”
Recall: Faces towards fountain, takes a few small steps, and looks over his shoulder as he teleports. Once in the fountain he is on his knees, and rises.
Attack: Punch, roundhouse kick, uppercut.
Critical: a flaming over exaggerated punch (totally not a falcon punch).
Defenders weapon attack: vertical chop, horizontal slice, and a punch with the non weapon hand
Defenders weapon critical: tosses the sword into the air, jumps to it and lands on the target (totally not great aether).
Item: Defenders weapon: +5 attack per level, applies knockback to critical (cannot occur more than once every 12 seconds on any one enemy), adds attack range.