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[Champion concept] New warrior champ

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Ok first off i just want to say that this champion has been revised several times.
He originally was a “transformer” champion like Jayce or Elise that switched between a shield and a short sword to duel swords. I would like for you guys to give me constructive criticism but no flamers please, no one likes you.

So the general idea for this champion is that he is an AD/AS bruiser that can dish out some punishment and tank. He uses Fury as his resource. He also uses a dual wield mechanic with his shield and his ulti. So far i cannot think of a name (i know i know one of the most important things) but since in his lore (i will put after his kit) he is a normal boy originally so i was thinking of some names like Jared, etc. please post your ideas for names below.OK lets get to the good stuff his kit. (by the way i am gong to call him champion just for the sake of simplicity)

When ever champion attacks a target with his sword he gains fury equal to 2.5x the percentage of the enemy champions health with each attack. and 4 fury when he attacks with his shield. While in combat his fury is passively drained to heal his wounds, the heal is greater the lower health champion gets. When he reaches 100 fury he will become enraged causing his next 2 basic abilities will be empowered (if used within 15 seconds), but cannot gain rage and benefit from the healing from this passive for 12 sec. Also champion will attack with his shield which has a base line attack speed that increases each time you put a point into your ultimate. The shield's damage will scale for 25% of your ad and 25% of your armor.

Impassible fortification:
Champion raises his shield granting him bonus armor, magic resist, and causing him to have a 25% chance to block incoming basic attacks and a 20% chance to reduce the damage of the incoming spell by 30% Also while this is active you will not basic attack with your shield. If someone is trying to attack an ally you may walk in between to attempt to block the attack, with the same percentages and damage reduction as if you were being attacked. You may also press this ability again to smash the enemy with your shield doing x+60% of bonus ad and 40% of armor with an internal cool down of 1 sec up to 3 times. The first two slams will slow the enemy for 20% for 3 seconds, stacking and the third will stun the enemy for 2 seconds. With each slam the armor you gain is reduced by 25%. Lasts for 8 seconds. Cool down is 18 seconds

When empowered:
The first two slams slow for 25% and silence the enemy for 1 second each. And increases the armor gained by this ability by 20%

Endless rage:
Each time Champion attacks an enemy target he gains a stack of endless rage giving him plus 3 movement speed stacking up to 10 times. He may consume the stacks to gain 3/4/5/6/7 ad per stack consumed.

When empowered:
After consuming stacks of endless rage he will still have the movement speed bonus and gain armor equal to the ad gained.

Dragon’s roar:
Champion roars in a cone in front of him doing AoE damage to all enemies inside of the cone. This attack ignores 40% of armor, and afterwords he gains 15% armor pen. It scales with AD. If an enemy is point blank (Melee range) They will be stunned for .75 seconds and tripling the cool down.

When enraged: Will always stun the enemy regardless of range, and only doubling the cool down, as well as ignoring 60% armor. This ability will ignore all armor if the enemy is below 20% health

Now for my favorite his ultimate,

Champion throws down his shield and takes out an axe in his offhand and changing the ratio for the offhand weapon to 35% of ad and 35% of armor. 10% of the damage you do to enemy champions with that basic attack or ability will be put as a bleed on the enemy target stacking up to 6 times over 7 seconds. During blood bath he will gain 30% attack speed on his off hand weapon. But also reduces his armor by 20/35/50. His q will turn into a 300 range instant stun doing low-medium damage on a 8 second cool down, but restricting them to this single ability.

Feel free to suggest tweaks to enraged effects, ratios, and bonus effect but unless heavily convinced i want to keep the core effects the same.

Looks, and lore

Ok champion is supposed to be wearing beat up traditional knight armor (you can only see parts of his face due to the helmet)he is supposed to be a little broad but not overkill. He wields a one handed sword and shield and drops his shield when he ults and pulls out a small axe. I would include a drawing but i cannot draw a good champion model to save my life. I would like for you guys to help me construct on his looks and personality and maybe even draw some sketches

Now here is the lore:

Champion was just a boy when his small village came under attack. His parents fled, leaving him behind for the Noxian forces. He tried to flee out of the village but Noxian forces capture him and imprison him, sending him to Noxus where he was kept alive, barely. When he became 18 a Noxian general requested that he be released and drafted into their army. He was trained hard, every day testing his limits and becoming stronger. by the time he was 22 he was ready. He was outfitted in full metal armor, with a shield and sword, and then deployed in battle. Champion Fought ferociously against the Demacians, but eventually they could not hold out any longer. Demacia’s forces retreated. Champion loomed over the dead corpses, of the innocent people, and soldiers alike. He was disgusted by the brutality of Noxus. He fled the Noxian army ashamed that he assisted Noxus is its horrible deeds. He joined the League of Legends in his own shame, but found that Noxian’s were also participating, which gave him a sign of hope. He vowed to spend his entire life to fight all Noxians who dared to challenge him in the league. -”I fight for redemption” Champion