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Kassadin items...

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Was bored and had IP that I had no clue what to do with so I bought Kas 2day. Anytime I pick up a new champ I put 25 games in with them until I consider myself really ready to play them well.

I get the abilities fine, but am trying to figure out the best cookie cutter item and rune builds are for him.

I have been doing RoA, Liches Bane and Swift boots thus far, and was wondering what direction to go. Is Ryalis a valid way to go with him?

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I play Kassadin a lot!

I do this almost always:

1. Sapphire Crystal + 2 health pots

2. Ruby Crystal > Catalyst the Protector

3 Boots of speed + Amplifying Tome > Sorcerer's Shoes

4 Blasting Wand, Giant's belt > Rylai's Scepter

5 Blasting Wand + Catalyst the Protector > Rod of Ages

6 You should be about 30+ minutes into the game, try to build Zhonya's Ring

For masteries, I go all utility for mana regen. For runes, cool down reduction is great because it helps your anti-caster ability. For summoner skills, get exhaust! and teleport to keep you in your lane. Only warp back to base when you have enough money to get what you need, never any sooner. Use teleport to bring you right back into the fight!

I'm going to try and explain my reasoning to help you. Firstly, Catalyst the Protector is amazing for keeping you in your lane. Every time you level you get bunch of mana and health. Also, it can save your life if you're about to die and you level. This happens a lot after you gank someone, and can help you kill a second person.

Sorcerer's Shoes are great for the magic penetration. Kassadin does not need more speed, he already has Rift Walk which helps him escape and jump over trees.

Rylai's Scepter is great. it slows the enemy, it gives you health and AP, and while you're building it the items are beneficial to you.

Rod of Ages I build after Rylai's Scepter, which some may think is wrong. On the contrary, the benefit of having Catalyst the Protector outweighs having a Rod of Ages before your Rylai's Scepter.

Good Luck!

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Junior Member


I run Kassadin slightly different. I usually end games somewhere above 10KBs and below 3 deaths. So it has worked well for me.

What I find is you need to stack AP, Mana and Health. All other stats can really be avoided.

So to start:

1. Sapphire Crystal and Health Potx2
2. Tear of the Goddess (this is incredible for mana stacking)
3. Boots rank 1
4. Mercury Treads (I prefer these because with cleanse I become essentially unkillable), and with Kass' ult you really don't need that much speed
5. Mejai's Soulstealer (bit nerfed, but still fun)
6. Rod of Ages
7. Sheen -> Lich Bane
8. Upgrade Tear of the Goddess into Archangel's Staff
9. Really whatever you feel you need. I usually go with Zhonya's Ring or Banshee's Veil.

Just an idea of end game, I usually have 2.6k+ hp, 3k+ mana and 450+ AP.

Hope that helps.